How nice to equip the kitchen?

The meeting place of the family members at the dinner tablemust be uniquely attractive. In pleasant surroundings more fully digest the food and quickly solved the family problems. However, the surrounding beauty of the kitchen does not have the right to exist without practicality and functionality.

The arrangement of the kitchen welcome waterproofcoverage pastel shades, bright accents are allowed, stimulating appetite. All elements of the design are subject to man-made one color, starting with the design of the walls and finishing the curtains. Contrasting color transitions often look great, but few risk to use them in your own kitchen.

Convenience for the hostess

How to arrange the most convenient for the kitchenhostess? Experienced designers offer to start with a plan, dividing the space for working and dining area. The spacious kitchen there are no problems, thanks to the incredible number of different furniture compositions.

Manufacturers, starting from lawsergonomics, design cozy kitchen furniture so that the hostess, doing the cooking, or wrap excess mileage. Ready meals are offered not only in the linear and angular ergonomic form, but also in the island, with the removal of the center of the kitchen bar.

From the abundance of the dining area is breathtaking inspacious room the owner is free to put the kitchen table made of wood, wrapping it in heavy chair. Properly equip the kitchen can be, and with the help of soft sofa set, some models that can be converted into a full bed.

How to equip a small kitchen?

Small kitchen give rise to major problems,relating to interior design and furniture selection. The best substitute for a table and chairs kitchen corners delicate beige hue. If spacious rooms allow for vivid colors of wallpaper, dark colossus kitchen wall, and it is necessary to replace the sun in the narrow room deep tones.

To equip small-sized kitchen easier cornerfurniture composition delicate coloring. Space saving is obvious: in a corner section of the fit twice as many utensils. It is necessary to choose a wall with glazed doors and an abundance of open shelves, giving the furniture a lightweight appearance. No figures, however small, on the facades of cabinets should not be.

Dining area, if space allows, it should beto look in the corner, soft option. In your kitchen is not included even a compact sofa? On sale there are different types of folding tables, leans against the wall as unnecessary and stools, drawn up in a nice pyramid.

How nice to equip the kitchen?
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