How to choose paint for a living?

What are the five basic qualities shouldhave paint for walls and ceilings in the living room? What should be guided by choosing paint this room? Learn which compounds are resistant to abrasion and contamination, and why is the best choice matt latex paint

1. The paint is resistant to abrasion and washing.

The composition of the high should be different for the living roomresistance to abrasion and repeated washing. It must be kind, intended for coloring heavily used areas. One of such places - living room. It likes to be in the family - a place of dialogue, a playground for children and animals, as well as the only common area.

Children and pets can be left onthe walls of a variety of pollution, which are not always easy to wash. Therefore, in such places the paint should be applied, resistant to abrasion and contamination. And a lot of them at home: grease stains from food and drink, sometimes - spots of dirt, traces of chalk to draw, paint or markers.

All these contaminants can be removed from the walls of thorough washing, but only if the appropriate type of paint has been applied. Suitable properties are latex paints.

In accordance with their abrasion resistance, they are divided into 5 classes. The higher the class, the coating abrasion resistance weaker. The paint for the living room should be numbered I or class II.

2. The paint is resistant to contamination.

Previously listed pollution arisingthe operation of the living room, that constantly appear on the walls and, unfortunately, forcing tenants to additional costs associated with the re-staining. Therefore, the composition must be resistant not only to abrasion, but also to pollution.

These materials create surfacespecial film that prevents the penetration of, for example, wet, greasy or colored stains. The resulting stain can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge, if necessary - with the addition of a detergent, such as dishwashing liquid. The packaging should be information about how to paint this dirt resistant.

3. The adhesive properties.

LMB compounds for walls and ceilings should have good adhesive properties.

They have very well applied to the wall is notleaving streaks and have excellent decorative properties. During staining should not drip. This is especially important when painting ceilings. It is important to use the appropriate roll, which would not leave on the surface of the walls is no relief structure. The wall after painting must be perfectly smooth.

4. Versatility - use for different surfaces.

Well, if the paint is universal, thenthere can be used on different surfaces, rather than only on the walls and ceilings. This is particularly desirable feature if you want to be in the color of the walls were also decorated doors, furniture and radiators. In this case, you need to pick up paint, which can be used for staining of all these surfaces.

5. The best paint for non-ideal surfaces - matt.

Not all of the surface, which we want to paint,perfectly smooth and even. Improperly selected texture enamel can only strengthen these weaknesses. In this room as the living room is not the place. it is recommended to use matte paint, which perfectly covers all irregularities In order to avoid such errors.

The matt surface is able to hide anydefects of the walls, ceilings and other surfaces, and the end result is quite satisfactory. It should also be remembered that in places for children to play should use hypoallergenic paints that do not irritate and does not cause allergic reactions.

How to choose paint for a living?
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