How to choose curtains for the interior

usually replaced At cosmetic repair wallpapersand curtains. Often this problem arises when a combination thereof. Only in harmony forms of furniture, color walls and flooring surfaces can be achieved integrity of the interior. And because the composition window takes a lot of space in the room, its design must be given sufficient attention. Let's take a closer look at how to choose the curtains to wallpaper.

Color combinations

Often, owners of apartments and houses selectedcurtains to the furniture and wallpaper, which are already used in the room. However, they are guided by the fact that it is cheaper and easier. However, the best solution would be the simultaneous purchase of wallpaper and curtains. Increasingly, designers use computer applications to evaluate design projects in different versions before the materials are bought.

How to choose curtains for the interior How to choose curtains for the interior

Due to the selection of curtains and wallpapers can bereceive different images interior decoration: monochrome, nyuansny and contrast. The first option would be the perfect solution for small rooms. He suggests that the color of curtains will be combined with the wallpaper. If desired, you can try to play on the shades, when the curtains will be slightly lighter or darker than the wall design. Whatever it was, the main thing - to achieve the unity of space.

color Effect

Here you need to remember one rule - to warm tones should choose warm shades, respectively, cold colors - cold.

The choice of color affects the perception of space. For example, cold colors visually enhance space, and warm - on the contrary, reduced. If the curtain composition will include several varieties of curtains, it is important to make sure that at least one combined with a touch of the base color. With this approach, you can get connected an interior line.

How to choose curtains for the interior How to choose curtains for the interior

When forming the contrasting interioruse bright colors that differ from the colors of furniture and wallpaper. A perfect solution would be the use of accessories that support a contrasting element.

It is important to know that drawing the curtains, too, haseffect on the visual perception of space. Thus, the presence of vertical stripes visually increases the height of the light transmission design. But strip horizontally disposed make window appear wider. With the combination of the background fabric and the main interior colors on the curtains would look good big or bright picture.

There are various ways of selecting curtains under the wallpaper. After considering them, you will be able to choose the most suitable.

How to choose curtains for the interior
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