How to decorate the hall in the apartment

The main and the main part of any apartment isHall. It may meet in the evening the whole family, and everyone can share interesting events that happened to him in the evening. Making this premises will inform guests about the status and taste hosts. And if the regeneration of the hall will be able to match the preferences of each family member, then all will be comfortable and pleasant to be here. Let's look at how to make the design of the interior with their own hands and professionally decorate the hall in the apartment.

In the interior of the hall, you can tryto give maximum functionality premises. After all, this room can be used as a bedroom, living room, dining room and even the office. If the room does not differ a great area, while not easy to give it a high level of functionality. However, in this case, you can use the multi-functional and versatile pieces of furniture. For the same purpose can be used light, selected on the basis of destination living. So, with the help of bright overhead lighting can be arranged reception and a nice dinner, but by soft lighting a room can be used as an office. With special fixtures can highlight some parts of the walls, for example, a picture.

Remodelling - the original decision

When re-planning can be combined with a loggia roomor kitchen. So you can add an extra room area and a good use of it. If you have a large enough room, you can isolate a space for a study or bedroom. Through sheets of drywall, you can create a solid partition. To properly decorate the hall in the apartment you need to take care of the zoning will not prevent high shelves for books and light columns.

When zoning premises can not be limitedusing partitions: you can help various types of walls and floor. So, you can raise the number of the bedroom, and for pasting the walls to use wallpaper with a large pattern. To choose the right lighting, you will be able to place accents in the room, in the hall to build multi-level ceilings or consider buying a beautiful chandelier.

To properly arrange the hall in the apartment it is important tocorrectly to choose furniture and place it. It is best to place items around the main product. They can be a home theater or dining table. You can arrange the room in the center of upholstered furniture or push it closer to the wall.

How to decorate the hall in the apartment
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