How to arrange the furniture in the room?

Having been in the possession of the apartment, you will immediatelyfaced with new challenges. Something needs to be repaired, can change yourself the room to make an opening in the wall, and elsewhere on the contrary lay. At the end of these works in the resulting room must correctly arrange the furniture. This is especially important when planning a one-room apartment where every square meter of its weight in gold.

Creating a room plan

It should be immediately clear that to achieve the desiredthe result is unlikely to succeed from the first time - probably a few test permutations can help you make sure where it will be permanently placed furniture. To avoid unnecessary furniture purchases and reduce the number of samples to a minimum to make the room plan. In this figure, you can check out the different options for placement, choose the best and delete the ones you do not like.

To create the floor plan can beuse a sheet of graph paper on which the exact dimensions of the room and built-in furniture should be applied. In the figure, it should be noted the position of radiators, antenna inputs, fireplaces, plumbing, outlets, windows and doors that open into the room. If you notice that the space is not enough, it can be a little bit free by installing sliding or sliding doors. Thus, the drawing is finished. How to arrange furniture regulated apartments?

Placement of furniture

First, on the general plan of the room you needdetermine the place for the regular and built-in furniture. To do this, remove the measurements with those items that you already have, as well as some imagine those that you plan to purchase. Now, following the scale, put them on a different sheet of graph paper. The resultant model furniture to be cut.

As a rule, the usual plan of the room will beenough to create the interior design of the room. In order to determine the exact dimensions of the projections and niches in which are placed closets, you can use the system of diagonal measurements. To do this, draw a kind of wall in front and enter on it the name objects and their dimensions (door width, the height of the walls, etc..). If the premises are complex elements (eg, boiler), while on the plane to display the exact dimensions of the pipe system or the like . In those rooms where space is limited (bathroom, for example), using the exact form of the front, you can choose a wall space for a towel and a locker.

In addition, your plan should be marked placesfor major household appliances and furniture. If this is the kitchen, then it must be placed correctly working triangle: stove, refrigerator and sink. Also plotted location of doors and windows, including their open position. If you plan kitchen poorly thought out, then the stove will heat the refrigerator, as a result of its service life will be shortened. On the other hand, if all well thought out, the advanced boxes will not interfere with the opening of the oven.

What is important to remember arranging furniture

Do not place furniture back to back - a commonerror in design. If there is not enough space to use the items will be uncomfortable. For example, if the front of the cabinet to make room, then you can freely open his door and push crates. In addition, you need to leave free passage between the main functional areas and dveryami.Chtoby determine the capacity of the space between the floor and the sill, measure the distance between them. Furniture placement should start with large objects (cabinets or beds), as suitable places are not so much for objects smaller for them.

Choosing a place for the TV, make sure thatit will not reflect the sun's glare. And around these functional objects like a table and a sofa bed should always be required free prostranstvo.Pri buying furniture is always a need to have a tape measure and plan of the room. Dimensions of external and internal doorways should be measured as accurately as possible, because bulky items through them can simply not pass.

Now you know, how to arrange the furniture. Besides competent space planningIt will help you make the most of the room. If you live in a private home, the place under the stairs to the second floor can be converted into a dressing-room: small sink takes up less space than normal, and the toilet can be placed in the corner. By taking the time to create a room layout and furniture, you can avoid the partial permutations and purchases of items that have no place to place. Going with the wisdom to solve this problem, you can place your furniture correctly.

How to arrange the furniture in the room?
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