What wallpaper to choose hallway and corridor - the best options

What wallpaper to choose hallway and corridor

It is impossible to make a first impression twice -this truth known to all. This expression can be applied not only to man but also to the house or apartment, after entering for the first time in an unfamiliar environment until now, you can immediately draw a conclusion about the human being and his character. That hall allows you to look into the mysterious world of someone else's apartment, and it is here that sets the tone for the entire interior. But what to choose wallpaper for the hallway, to make a lasting impression on the guests? What is now fashionable, and what should be avoided?


  • Select the type of wallpaper for the hallway
    • Classic washable wallpaper
    • The advantages of the vinyl version
    • Silkscreen - "stuck and forgotten"
    • The draw liquid wallpaper?
    • Cork wallpaper - stylish, presentable
  • Choose a color wallpapers for anteroom

Select the type of wallpaper for the hallway

Entrance hall - it's the first room, in whichgets people coming to the house. Therefore, there is often a lot of dust and dirt (particularly in the autumn and springtime). How would carefully not to take off their shoes and clothes, sooner or later, on the walls may appear drops and smudges. And if your family has a child (or maybe even more than one) or a dog, that such problems can not be avoided for sure.

However, right-chosen wallpaper can save your repair even the most restless kids and animals.

Classic washable wallpaper

Washable wallpaper vary in degreewater resistance. There are those who are afraid of "rudeness", that is, they should be washed only with a soft damp sponge or cloth. Others are able to withstand the onslaught of cleaning products, and the third, even a rough brush uneasy. Determine the level of water resistance can be your own - on the label of the wallpaper has a special character in the form of waves. One wave - like these wallpapers with tender care, two - moisture-proof, ie they can be cleaned with a damp cloth, three - washable, as well as a brush icon permits to do with such wallpaper all of the above and more.

The advantages of the vinyl version

If you reflect on the question, what the wallpaperopt for the corridor, the vinyl wallpaper may well be the answer to it. This type of wallpaper is very durable and resistant to various kinds of mechanical stress, which is important for a close and narrow hallway in which even one person is difficult to turn around.

Vinyl washable wallpaper is not sensitive to different detergents, abrasive cleaners, even they are not afraid. A smooth flat surface of the wallpaper has to completely clean.

Most of these wallpapers are made on the basis ofnon-woven fabrics - nonwoven inflammable material. Fleece does not shrink during drying, resistant to tearing and very durable. The dense texture of vinyl wallpaper can not only hide minor imperfections on the walls, but also to become a great obstacle to the cracks that may appear over time.

Vinyl wallpaper washable

The entrance hall, decorated with vinyl wallpaper

Silkscreen - "stuck and forgotten"

Silkscreen - Vinyl wallpaper on paper withtop layer of silk filaments. This type of wallpaper just a godsend for those who want to live by the principle: "Stick and forgotten." They were hardly require any maintenance - just occasionally wipe them with a damp sponge. The service life of screen printing - 12-15 years! Agree, long enough to have time to get bored.


Silkscreen on paper

The draw liquid wallpaper?

New trend in wallpaper mode - liquid wallpaper. They are actually liquid, because their cause on the wall, it is necessary to take advantage of spatula.

Liquid wallpaper is a dry mixa binder consisting of cellulose and cotton yarns, dyes and various inclusions, such as silk, algae, mica, etc. They provide indoor increased level of heat and sound insulation, antistatic effect (hallway particularly important point), non-toxic, moisture resistant, flexible (not subject to deformation during shrinkage), durable.

Liquid wallpaper

Colours of liquid wallpaper

But the most important advantage isthe possibility of "painless" replacement of the dirty area, that is, you do not have in the case of contamination entirely change the wallpaper in the room, it will be enough to remove the contaminated piece spatula, and in its place put the spatula fresh mixture, which, motionless, perfectly equal to the wall.

Option decoration hallway liquid wallpaper

Entrance hall, a modern liquid wallpaper

Cork wallpaper - stylish, presentable

Cork wallpapers are also a perfect optionfinishing the hallway walls. They are durable, heat-resistant, beautiful and easily glued. Their naturalness can not fail to please nature lovers and everything connected with it.

These wallpapers due to its dense texture can hide small defects of the walls, as well as provide reliable heat and sound insulation.

Hallway, pasted over the stopper, is modern, fashionable and very luxurious. And the guests will appreciate your taste and style.

The entrance hall, decorated cork wallpaper

The entrance hall, decorated cork wallpaper

Choose a color wallpapers for anteroom

Types of wallpapers suitable for the hall, a lot, butso not to interfere with them. But the colors and shades in the tens or even hundreds of times more. Here it should think about how to choose the wallpaper in the hallway.

From a practical point of view, ideal for hallsuitable wallpaper dark colors, because this is where concentrated most of the street dust and dirt. And in terms of comfort and relaxation bright wallpaper is much more harmonious look in a dark room, devoid of windows.

Do not rush from one extreme to the other -select something in between first and second. Let it be the color of coffee with milk or cool blue, or maybe you like the greens? In any case, the choice is only yours.

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