Make a gym at home with their own hands - Recommendations for the finishing and assembly of sports hall

Make a gym at home with their own hands

The reasons motivating the organization of homegym, too. It makes no sense to list them and convince the rationality of those who decided to arrange a personal space on its own gym with his hands. However, technical issues of implementation of the project value certainly should interest owners, suiting the individual clubs are not for the momentary pleasure, but for everything for many years area, comfortable for regular classes.


  • How to choose the right place for the gym?
  • Make a plan for future work
  • How to make a decoration of walls?
  • Flooring - the main element of a sports hall

How to choose the right place for the gym?

The first natural question can be expressed in a concise word "where". The best option would be to insulated attic or the veranda of a country house, otherwise goodventilated room with the obligatory presence of the windows. Window openings are necessary not only for ventilation in a natural way, but also for the formation of the atmosphere, stimulating, rather than repelling from employment in the deep confined space.

To arrange a home gym with his hands better on the veranda

To arrange a home gym is best to use a well-ventilated room: attic, veranda, loggia

The second question is the optimum area. Designers and providers recommend distinguish a gym at least 8 meters. If there is such a possibility, it is not necessary to be upset. Engage can be and less External space, just have to reduce the amount of potential for the installation of simulators and carefully consider their location.

Important. Between permanently installed, not "collect" daily sports units must remain space for free movement. It is necessary to avoid problems with the evacuation in the event of dangerous situations and to prevent the threat of injury from accidental careless or awkward movements.

Arranged gym with their hands can take only part of the room

Remarkably, if the device home gym can highlight an entire room, but area studies can only partially occupy the room

Make a plan for future work

After selecting the location for the organizationIndividual fitness center you need to do the design. It is advisable to make yourself a small plan. It schematically necessary to specify all the technical details, which may affect the arrangement of criteria and the balance of sports equipment. Perhaps some nuances need to be adjusted.

Note openings for doors and windows. This is necessary in order to:

  • when you open the shutters of windows or doors "sporty" do not cause unwanted "injury";
  • competently install mirrors, positioned in front of windows that are recommended;
  • Swing change the design on the sliding counterparts, if it is necessary to save space.

Let sockets and lighting fixtures. To transfer outlets need really goodreasons, but if they are too far from the accompanying studies of electrical engineering, it is best to move them than constantly stumble on the extension wire.

Those who wish to organize and equip the gym with their own hands at home need to know about the important rules of lighting devices for personal gyms.

  • The only acceptable overhead lighting.
  • Lamps shall emit only white light, as close as possible the intensity and spectrum to daylight.
Home gym with your own hands

The home gym is recommended that overhead lights, preferred devices with the spectrum of daylight

Thoughtful questions ventilation. This is an important aspect for literacyarrangement of the sports hall. Naturally, in the course of performing a variety of exercises pot will be allocated to the environment, accumulate condensation on surfaces, aggravating an unfavorable environment. The optimal solution would be the acquisition of the climate system, as a last resort, the fan, which is installed permanently, or can be in the window or vent in communication network.

If you are satisfied with the gym enoughplace, it does not hurt to allocate a zone for relaxation with a sofa or even a bench. It will not hurt a table for drinks and an LCD TV, attach the bracket so that he could see, and vacationers and train people. The most common recreational area of ​​"labor" segment separated by the bar, but you can well do without it.

How to make a decoration of walls?

The decision to establish a large or small homegym with your own hands is not normally associated with global alterations. Existing finish and communications only need a little upgrade, adjust to the specifics of operation. However, in this aspect, there are rules to create favorable conditions: Materials for walls should be free flowing of excess inherent in the training process of evaporation.

Home Fitness: the walls with his own hands is recommended to plaster

How to arrange a home gym: the walls with his own hands is recommended to plaster or wallpaper paste over, finishing materials must be free flowing evaporation

Plastic panels, granite, tile,naturally, does not fit, it is best if the walls are plastered or papered not too "cheerful" wallpaper. The color palette is chosen, based on personal taste preferences. The priority light neutral tones. The soothing shades of green do not contribute to efficiency.

According to research medical representatives of a stronghalf to encourage training will be white, light gray, a pastel blue background, women make to work on its own figure of peach, yellow, slightly orange entourage.

To identify functional areas, nothing prevents use of natural cork panels or battens.

Gym with your hands, you can decorate the clapboard

To finish the training zone is quite suitable lining, the main thing that had the ability to pass the material pairs

Confident people are not sufferingcomplexes, one of the horizontal surfaces can be done completely mirrored. Is used for this purpose, as a standard mirror sheets and PVC tiles with the same effect. Mirrors are needed to monitor and correct working out of movements. If full lady that wants to "throw" the weight, the reflection in them will irritate or upset, from the mirrors should be abandoned.

Pool house: with your hands, you can mirror tiles oblitsevat wall

To create a mirrored wall in the gym, you can use the mirror glass or PVC tiles

Flooring - the main element of a sports hall

Maximum noise load in sportsIt is directed to the floor areas. Those who are satisfied with the fitness club in the individual country cottage, and even on the first floor, flooring choice questions are not particularly bothered. For them, the only criterion - wear resistance, but granite or clinker best ignored anyway.

The best option - floating screed, do not transmit the sound vibrations of walls and ceilings due to the presence of the gap.

As a floor covering for the training premises are used:

  • carpet with a thickened base, especially valuable for those who are going to perform the exercises while sitting or lying on the floor;
  • cork has a specific resilient properties and has a high insulation;
  • rubber cover, sold in rolls or in the form of tiles.
Home Fitness: with his hands better to lay rubber tiles

The rubber tiles - one of the best options for laying the flooring in the gym, has good sound insulation properties

Suitable and vinyl tiles, linoleum is not prohibited and laminate, if they are laid out thick rubber substrate prior to laying.

Arranging private gym on the balcony, whether or not combined with accommodation, do not forget that it is necessary to insulate the floor.

On the equipment for the gym is betterread the article dedicated to him, which describes the rules for the selection of trainers and their placement. The simplest furniture - a sofa or a chair, table or bar only need everything for recreation areas. Sports entourage can be supplemented with posters, wall clocks, shelves for cups, sports equipment and other items.

The desire to organize a private room for training -the right choice of modern man, no wonder the care of their own physical condition. These rules of the organization certainly help to make sports facilities comfortable and reliable, and prompt a lot of photos of interesting ideas. Feel free to proceed to translate ideas. Embedded in its implementation of the funds will be paid back quickly through savings on visits to sports clubs. In addition, it is a very exciting experience, which will be followed also lessons useful.

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