Recommendations for choosing blinds

Shutters are constructs thatprotect from atmospheric precipitation, the sun's rays, dust, in addition, they allow you to adjust the heat and air flow. In fact, they are a kind of blinds that do not cease to gain popularity. Gradually they displace habitual tulle and curtains. This is due to the fact that thick and weighty penetrate curtains prevent fresh air into the room, and thin products provide no protection against the sun. The use of blinds allows to achieve uniformity of illumination.

You can classify all modern blindshorizontal, vertical, safety and roller. Here you can order the products and use the services of its delivery. The main element of each type are slats or protective strips. They can be positioned horizontally or vertically. If we talk about the protective shutters, their feature is the design of continuous lamella web, which is wound on the shaft. For manufacturing roller blinds used solid piece of small wooden slats or fabric.

Fabric blinds are widespread, because theymore than others resemble curtains and drapes. Color, density and texture of fabric louvers may vary. When used for the manufacture of polyester products are easy to clean and for a long time retains its original color.

If you love natural materials, thenYou can purchase the product with cotton slats. It is important to bear in mind that after a few cleansing cloth can change slightly. By purchasing a particular tissue, it is important to take into account its density. With the increase of this characteristic increases the service life of the slats: they do not warp, retain their shape and do not stretch. At the same time, the slats with a thick cloth will cost more. From the figure, too, depends on the durability of the product.

Features plastic shutters

Shades PVC perfectly retain their shape, they are notbend. However, the cheap plastic is fragile and can break when the temperature drops. Ultraviolet radiation contributes to yellowing material. If you buy expensive plastic, the above-mentioned shortcomings are not peculiar to it. Products of this type will be useful for home and office equipment, they can be used on a glazed loggia or kitchen.

These guidelines for choosing the blinds will help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Recommendations for choosing blinds
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