Gilding - a simple solution for creating original interiors

The most common thing can turn intoan indispensable piece of furniture thanks to the gilding. Such treatment would allow low-detail transform and upgrade the antique furniture. For high-quality imitation gold potal used, which can be used to perform a variety of gilt objects.

Under gilding commonly understood usageimitation gold, which is applied to all kinds of coatings. If you are using sheets of gold foil, the material is called sweat. It may be silver, copper and bronze color that allows you to create the luxurious palace interiors. Modern painting of walls will help in achieving this goal.

Luxury classic interiors created bygilding stucco and furniture. One of the possibilities - the use of gold leaf. At the same time the material has a high cost, so it is not always used. With budget constraints, it can be replaced by the Potala. Through gilding room gets a special luxury and solemnity, it becomes more refined and harmonious.

Using Potali - beneficial and beautiful!

Using Potali opens wideopportunities to implement their plans. Material is available in three colors: it is a bronze, gold or silver. Use it to decorate decoration items, furniture or room. Potala is different durability. To create a rich and luxurious interior you will not have to spend a lot of time and money. A gilded stucco ceiling will allow to transform sockets, bas-reliefs, pilasters, engaged columns, capitals and stuff.

Almost any interior perfectly willgilded stucco look. The presence of gold in the interior elements give the room more elegant. In addition, the gold coating protects the surface from corrosion processes and gives it additional solidity. However, often it is gilding techniques are used to achieve the aesthetic effect - the creation of a noble, beautiful appearance.

Gilding at home

If you want to perform thegilding, the simplest are the chemical methods. For this purpose, gold cyanide. For its preparation requires the mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid in proportions by volume of 1: 3. These substances must be filled in a porcelain bowl. The work must be performed very carefully, to protect the respiratory system, skin and eyes. The acid mix under the hood or in the open space. Thereafter, they must stand for about a day.

Now gold is prepared: Take the product and cut it into pieces, dip them in the prepared mixture of acids (for every 10 mL of 1 gram of gold is), wait until everything is dissolved. Now pour the solution from the sediment, collect water bath and vyparte solution, periodically stirring rod made of glass. As a result, you should get the substance of a dark yellow color. The maximum heating temperature of 80 ° C solution, if this threshold is exceeded, gold become insoluble precipitate. This material will form the basis for the future of the gilding.

Now you need a porcelain container to 2-3 liters, as well as a mixture, which includes:

• 15 g of gold chloride;

• 65 g of K2CO3;

• 2 liters of hot distilled water;

• 65 g of salt.

Now add the hot solution for gilding in a container made of porcelain and immerse the product intended for coloring. It remains to remove it, rinse and polish with a soft cloth slightly.

Gilding - a simple solution for creating original interiors
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