We equip the kitchen in the Italian style

kitchen decoration can be done in differentstyles. Owners in the finishing and decoration of the premises often choose Italian, allowing the kitchen to make a colorful and incredibly colorful. Regardless of the time of year and the weather outside the window, in the Italian style kitchen exudes comfort and coziness. Having dealt with the basic features of this direction in the design, it is able to furnish the room perfectly.


The best thing in the kitchen, the interior of whichIt is made in the Italian style, to organize a discreet lighting. The best option - a side light provided by lamps placed on the walls. On the countertop is conveniently located reading lamps, stylized antique or made in the form of candles in candlesticks. The chandelier in the interior can also be, but the best place for it - over the table.

We equip the kitchen in the Italian style We equip the kitchen in the Italian style

Furniture and accessories

Traditional materials for Italian cuisineIt is a tree. To protect it from moisture and contaminants commonly used laminate coating, which is applied to the facades of products. Stylish and practical kitchen in St. Petersburg, as well as other cities of Russia, are of high quality and will last without losing its attractiveness for many years.

For the purpose of decorating one of the walls can beplace panels in the Italian style. It can be a landscape typical for the country, or still life. Revive the interior and make it a complete help potted flowers.

We equip the kitchen in the Italian style We equip the kitchen in the Italian style

Decorating the kitchen in the Italian style

A characteristic feature of Italian style in the interioris the use of only natural materials. Preference is given especially wood and rock. But in the kitchen wood can be quickly spoiled due to high humidity. Therefore, a focus on the use of stone or the protective treatment of wood materials.

Paul can be laid with ceramic tiles. The working area of ​​the walls will look great when it is covered with mosaics. For the rest of the walls and ceiling are suitable wooden wall panels with laminated protective layer.

Color solution can be almost finishanyone, but preference is given to bright shades of red, green, blue, yellow. It's not just eye-catching, but also the most "natural" color, so it will be very relevant in the kitchen in the Italian style.

When making usually no serious problems, so owners can realize a version of the design independently.

We equip the kitchen in the Italian style
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