Features kitchen arrangement

According to statistics, the most visited room in the house -it's a kitchen. There is going for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the whole family are held friendly gatherings. Here we go, what to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, after sitting at the bar or a comfortable dining table can easily organize their thoughts and to tune in to a fruitful working day. Therefore it is very important that this space in your home would be the most convenient, that largely depends on the kitchen furniture, its design and location.

As a rule, the room reserved for the kitchen,They have a relatively small area, so it is necessary to use as much as possible, especially the "dead" zones - first recess and various angles, as well as the area of ​​the walls.

How to start a kitchen

Construction of any premises, includingcuisine begins with communications arrangement plan. Electricity must be supplied to the places where it is assumed installation of electrical load, there must be mounted outlet.

Features kitchen arrangement Features kitchen arrangement

Just to the planned location of sink,dishwasher and washing machine must be laid water and sewer. This is very important because it is from this stage depends on the ability to install kitchen appliances and furniture. With reference to the communication plan to the so-called "work triangle" - is the location of the refrigerator, stove and sink, their placement depends on ease of use kitchen as a whole.

And only after that the rest are placedelements - dishwasher, washing machine, oven, all kinds of home appliances needed in the kitchen. When all of the above is ready, complete finishing work, you can buy kitchen furniture.

Features kitchen arrangement Features kitchen arrangement

Buying kitchen furniture

Today the market of furniture for the kitchen, there are several options for its manufacture:

• Cabinet (Modular) furniture, as a rule,manufactured in large furniture factories, mass production, as well as low-cost materials and components provide her an affordable price for almost all segments of the population. A wide range of modules for different purposes makes it possible to equip the kitchen the way you want. However, the standard size has posed the problem of incomplete use of the working wall. In most cases, you will have an unused gap of a few centimeters;

• furniture made to order, devoid ofweighty disadvantage. Individual production allows us to produce the kitchen precisely the size of your room, taking into account all the wishes. In this case, you can use any finish, from the simplest to the exclusive;

• dishes to order for the finished design solution - a symbiosis of the first two options, which absorbed the best of them - the low cost, and an individual approach.

Features kitchen arrangement Features kitchen arrangement

This is how the company operates MSC MEBEL. A rich selection of ready-made solutions of kitchen furniture with different finishes (MDF, plastic, array) will satisfy the most refined tastes of the consumer, it allows you to choose the kitchen, ideally suited to your interior.

Technologist of the company will finalize the chosenoption under the dimensions of the room so that the working space will be used by all, to the last centimeter. Own production for seven days to make furniture, and highly professional assemblers will install it in your kitchen.

Features kitchen arrangement
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