We develop interior design with their own hands

Is it possible to develop the interior design of theirhands? It is no secret that the interior of the rooms has an important role in the design of the entire house or apartment. Today, psychologists are echoed in one voice that the illiterate organization interior may be depression, illness, besides it have a negative impact on the climate in the family. If you have decided on their own to take up this interesting and important issue, our article will help you to deal with it.

Interior design their own hands: where to start?

From the outset, it is important to decide what youYou will be used to make out the room. Thus, in the case of the living room should be remembered that in this room will meet not only your family, but also the guests. Therefore, it is important to consider the design of the interests and tastes of households and potential visitors.

Interior design involves zoningspace. From the living room it is expected that there will be a guest and a family zone, but this idea can be realized only in the spacious and large rooms. To assist in the allocation of zones will help the internal structure and the floor level. So, if there is a bar or a dining table in the living room, they can be placed on the podium and highlight lighting. At the opposite side of it would be possible to put a TV, coffee table and a comfortable sofa.

You can not only released when the zone required,but also to combine. To do this, you can create a suitable place for the guests and for yourself. So, the interior living room dining family table can be placed far away from upholstered furniture, side by side, you can put on the walls of shelves with a variety of photographs and souvenirs.

What else is important to take into account in the design of the interior with their own hands

Interior design their own hands depends largelyform of upholstered furniture, which will be located indoors. When this component should focus convenience, style and taste. Try to use the aesthetic and the original furnishings, which would be able to combine all the elements of your design and harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room. In the living room you can put a light small sofas, and it is possible to think about the placement of heavy furniture.

No less important role played by the choice of color. Remember that in the living room can be used saturated bright colors, along with muted tones of calm. However, it is important to try to painting all interior elements and accessories is a unified system. To achieve this, select the color and the supplement it with friendly colors. You may want to play on contrasts, but it is important to preserve the unity of style.

Do you plan to keep living in anythings? If yes, then consider using in the closet interior, which would have mirrored doors and allow visually enlarge the space. Some designers like to create the illusion of dissolution of furniture in the air. To do this, it is possible to make the doors of frosted glass.

It should be noted that the development of interior design with their own hands it is not necessary to be a professionaldesigner. You just need to understand what you want and try to use certain ideas. As a result, you can create in his apartment a comfortable and cozy interior, in which you can have a pleasant feel, and your guests more than once surprised him.

We develop interior design with their own hands
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