Decorative interior finishing ropes

The house is made of wood has a high heatcharacteristics and attractive appearance. In order to create a cozy atmosphere, you need to carefully handle the seams between the crowns of the framework. During construction, used tow or moss. Approximately one year after shrinkage can be masked by insulating material by a line. This type of finish looks best when used for the construction of the house logs.

Types of rope for decoration

you must determine before buying rope,what kind is best suited for the external appearance of the house and the diameter of the rims. To avoid mistakes, buy a meter on the material of various types and try them. Important as the cost of linen and hemp material is the most expensive. In stores you can find the following types of rope:

• kapron (polyamide) is very elastic,strong, resistant to shock, jerking, abrasion, alkali, rotting, but under load it stretches by 20-25% and does not tolerate the effects of solvents and acids;

• polypropylene rope is resistant to solvents, alkalis, acids, but does not tolerate sunlight;

• Polypropylene "Multitex" has increased resistance to aggressive chemicals and abrasion, but does not tolerate ultraviolet rays;

• hemp environmentally friendly (made from hemp stalks), resistant to ultraviolet rays, but accumulates moisture, while easily breaking and acquires a tendency to rot;

• impregnated hemp hemp fibers are impregnated with E-1 (anti-corrosion grease) in order to increase strength and durability;

• Sisal environmentally friendly, resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture and rotting processes; by weight lighter than hemp;

• cotton is made of heels, lightweight, elastic, soft, but not very strong and prone to decay;

• Manila is made from natural material, durable and quite resistant to decay;

• jute is made from environmentally friendly material (plants called jute), resistant to ultraviolet rays;

• flaxseed resistant to ultraviolet rays, abrasion, but with the accumulation of moisture acquires a tendency to rot.

The process of decorating

Rope set for finishing seamsbetween crowns. This can be done before the final painting varnish. Fitted with hot melt glue and finishing nails, which are driven in 15-20 cm (the material should not be any slack, not to puff up). Then the wall and finishing with lacquer or paint.

Wiring must be carried out on the bottomcrown and corners and carefully mask. After installation tug room gets additional insulation and acquires original appearance. This stacking process is time-consuming, but beautiful warm walls wooden frame other materials is practically impossible.

Decorative interior finishing ropes
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