Making a living: practical advice

The living room is important for allpremises. In her welcome guests and relax. Often under this premise is withdrawn the most spacious room in which the whole family gathers together for a pastime or an ordinary communication. Therefore, the living room interior design will play an important role, since he will create the desired atmosphere for communication. As a rule, the zoning of the space in the living room there are three main areas: dining, leisure and work.

Features living room zoning

To keep the conversation pleasant, quiet reading orcommunicate, you need to think about the use of upholstered furniture. As a rule, it is a couch and a few chairs. The sofa can be angular, all products must be made in the same style and complement each other. Of course, the best choice would be the installation of the kit, but it is not a rule. Well, that all furniture is something in common - the color scheme or form.

Very often, the furniture around a coffeetable, as a result of organized cozy seating area. If the room will be used by the TV, try to choose the right place for it, so that everyone present could see the screen. Locate the device can be a window or in a corner, a plasma panel can simply hang on the wall. In the latter case, the screen should be positioned about 70 cm above the floor level.

Many people want to do in the living room fireplace. Even if you do not have a natural center capabilities can create his imitation. If you place a large mirror above it, this solution will significantly increase the attractive effect. The living room will look good fountain, aquarium or other water.

Making dining area

In the old days, it was in the dining areathe middle of the living room. Here, we set the table oval or round shape, it was covered with a velvet cloth with a fringe, used for lighting shade of orange or green. Today are increasingly using small tables, which can be sliding or folding, they are placed in a corner or close to the wall.

Food is often taken in our families tothe kitchen and the living room is used only in special cases, such as when guests come. If the size of the apartment allows, you can arrange a dining room with appropriate furniture and kitchenware.

Paying due attention to design of the living room, you will create the ideal conditions for families and entertaining.

Making a living: practical advice
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