Decorating the room with his hands

To complete registration of a room or the wholeapartments, you can seek help from a specialist. Professional designers will help you create the perfect interior in accordance with modern fashions and trends. However, why not perform Decorating the room with his hands? After all, in the future you are sure, casting a glanceone or the other element of decor, with internal proudly think that your invention has found its place. In addition, in this case, you will be able to save a considerable sum of money, which you will find a good use in the planning of the apartment.

Just tune in to the fact that when you createthe interior will have to pay attention not only more meaningful things, but also detail. Correctly chosen for the decoration of the walls perfectly fit into the overall style and can be an integral part of the composition. Today, a myriad of available funds, with which you can perfectly decorate the walls.

The advantages of forged furniture

As at all times, not today, the fashion stopsto antiquity. Wrought iron furniture can make a lasting impression on you and your guests. But its originality complemented by practicality: the furniture can serve effectively for decades. Most often, we think of forged furniture and discreet black. But the metal patterns can be painted in any color that you like, and if you decorate them with the help of gold and silver, while your room will be furnished with a really rich.

Today is available a huge variety of sizes,shapes and colors wrought iron furniture. That is why any interior you can find a suitable product. In addition, forged elements in perfect harmony with glass, wood, woven cloth, bricks and other materials. With this furniture you tell your guests about your refined taste and create a cozy design lounges.

Ways to decorate the walls

Run Decorating the room with his hands possible even with the help of photographs. They may be suitable for the decoration of the room. But originality can give not only through photos, but also the framework in which they are enclosed. If you decorate them with rhinestones, shells or artificial flowers, they will give the originality of the room. Do this for each of the forces. Another bold way - to draw a box on the wall directly.

Collage can also be a suitable decorationyour room. It is used in the art and involves drawing on cardboard, paper or canvas of different images. Moreover deposited elements can have a different shape, color or texture. Put under glass collage, a prisoner to the same in the frame can become the perfect complement you created style.

Not so often, but not less effectively usedikebana. With it you can not only give room comfort, but also to create the exotic. Many people know that the flower arrangement - is a word of Japanese origin, by which is meant the art of formulation of different colors. Having mastered this art, you can decorate your room well set up a bouquet of dried flowers, but it is not necessary to make mistakes in the design.

Decorating the walls with a cloth and painting

In addition, you can perform the decoration of the wallsskin and tissue. It's quite an interesting method. Remember that not every tissue is suitable for the creation of the original decoration. To it put forward specific requirements: it must be resistant to moisture, easy to clean, be suitable density, nice to go to bed folds. Enough time and attention paid to the choice of a suitable fabric shade, because of the combination of colors in the interior depends on many things. You can achieve much the game of contrasts with the general situation room, and it is possible for the matter to select the colors that will overlap with the coloring of furniture upholstery.

wall painting looks very impressive. this method Decorating the room with his hands reminiscent of the fresco, and it can be applied to wallpaperor drywall. This method can simulate the open door or window, dawn or sunset etc. With murals you can bring to life any flight of his imagination. If you lack artistic abilities, professionals ready to provide you with all possible assistance. With murals can create an original decoration of the room. This article contains only some of the ways to create the interior. They are so diverse that their account has no end. This is not surprising, because the human imagination has no limits. Modern technologies and materials allow to extend these limits to infinity.

Decorating the room with his hands
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