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Laying laminate OWN HANDS: ADVICE, RULES

Laying laminate their own hands

Laminate flooring is one of the popular outdoorcoatings, comparing favorably to other types of speed and ease of installation. It is a sheet 6.11 mm thick and about 20 cm in width. The design is a multilayer laminate. It includes an upper layer which is a wear-resistant film, a paper layer is deposited with a variety of textures and colors, the carrier layer of high-density fiberboard treated with moisture resistant impregnation and finishing layer composed of a resin impregnated paper. It should be noted that the laying of laminate flooring with your own hands is quite a simple process that does not require special skills.


  • Tools and materials that need to
  • The preparatory work before laying
  • laminate stacking technology
    • How to lay laminate «Click» -zamkami
    • How to lay laminate «Lock» -zamkami
    • How to put the adhesive laminate

Tools and materials that need to

For the laying laminate should prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Laminate;
  • Substrate coatings under the laminate;
  • Jigsaw or miter saw;
  • Roulette;
  • Elbow;
  • Lightweight hammer;
  • Level;
  • Masking tape;
  • limiters;
  • Knife.

The preparatory work before laying

How to put laminate flooring with your own hands? A substantial response to this question must begin with the lighting of the preparatory stage prior to the implementation of major works. Acquired laminate should be kept at room temperature for several days, preferably at least two. This allows the material to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the room in which it will be laying.

One of the main conditions to ensurelaying laminate quality is carefully leveled surface. Care must be extinct on the level of the entire surface area, especially at the corners. Maximum allowable roughness - 1-2 mm deviation from the level of 2 m grounds for its determination using two-meter level.

If the laminate is laid on the concrete floor, theIt should lay the plastic film, which serves as protection from moisture floor formed on the bottom. The next layer is necessary to put the substrate acting as sound absorption, and then laminate.

The film unfolds with the side on which thewill be laying flooring. Its ends are folded on the wall, and a polyethylene film strip trail overlap by 20 cm. It is possible to seal the moisture barrier strips using masking tape or foam, which will ensure better protection of the laminate and will prevent the band from biasing. When laying of flooring on a wooden base isolation is not required.

laminate stacking technology

First, you need to choose the right direction of layingflooring. If the room is all windows are located on one side, it is best to conduct direct laying in the direction of the incident light. If packing is produced across sunlight, the panels will be noticeable joints. If you want flooring possess neat and attractive appearance, it should be avoided.

Depending on the way the compound is isolatedlock (glueless) and the adhesive laminate. Moreover, locking is divided into two types, which differ lock system. The first type includes collapsible locks ( «Click» -zamki), and the second - the latch locks ( «Lock» -zamki). Type of connection affects the technology laminate installation. «Click» -zamki high durabilitycompound and a low percentage of damaged panels during installation. Laminate with «Lock» -zamkami has a more democratic prices, but has a lower quality of the connection cover panel.

Laminate with locks Click

Laminate with locks Click

Laminate with locks Lock

Laminate with locks Lock

How to lay laminate «Click» -zamkami

Let us used on the main points understacking technology. In the first step should be using a tape measure to measure the width of the room and make calculations to determine the width of the last row of panels, which will be posted near the wall. If its value is less than 5 cm should be sawed panel, which will be located in the first and the last row, so as to achieve the same width.

Furthermore, it is necessary not to forget to leave gaps between each of the walls about 10 mm.

Laying laminate made long sidepanel room generally along the direction of daylight. As noted above, the wedges are set about 10 mm thick, which will then need the clearance. After all the work will need to be removed. The presence of the gaps is required moments, since, otherwise, the thermal expansion of the laminate may "stand on end".

The very first laminate panel is placed in the leftcorner of the room. Then there was a thirty-degree angle with the end face of the groove is inserted the following panel and snapped by pressing the laminate to the floor. The procedure is repeated until the end of the wall.

laminate panels with «Click» -zamkami

laminate panels with «Click» -zamkami

But in order to uniformly distribute the exertedpressure on the floor, you need to have the laminate panels in a checkerboard pattern. To produce this offset when laying them next row up to 30-40 cm or more with respect to the first row. the second row of panels dock with each other as before, and then the series of interconnected. Laminate the second row must be under a thirty-angle to lift off the floor, and insert them in the comb laid the first row, by pressing the latch on the floor.

Connection series when laying laminate «Click» -zamkami

Connection series when laying laminate «Click» -zamkami

Moreover, laying of the second row can begin withConnection of the long sides of the laminate, and then to connect the end portions by means of a light padded hammer. To carry out the work carefully and avoid damaging the panel, it is better to make it stick.

All subsequent rows are stacked in the same way according to the selected method.

How to lay laminate «Lock» -zamkami

When the laminate stacking with the «Lock» -zamkamiSpike of the first panel is placed in the groove located on the other panel. In carrying out this manipulation of both panels should lie on a horizontal plane. Then tamp them with a bar or a hammer. In a similar way to fit the entire first row of laminate.

laminate panels with «Lock» -zamkami

laminate panels with «Lock» -zamkami

When laying the next (second) number is not forgottenabout the displacement of the panels in order to achieve staggered. We connect the first panel of the second row floor to the previous close, inserting a spike into the slot, and then gently tamp. The next panel of the second row, first combine with the first row, slightly deviating from the end face, and then use podbivaniya attach a second laminate panel for the first in this series.

Connection series when laying laminate «Lock» -zamkami unacceptable rally hammer panel without a special bar-mediator

Connection series when laying laminate «Lock» -zamkami unacceptable rally hammer panel without a special bar-mediator

How to put the adhesive laminate

We have examined how to lay laminate ownhands glueless method. But there is also an adhesive method. It is characterized by laying the complexity, the additional costs of adhesive and requires certain skills when applied. Currently, this method is hardly used.

Of course, this method makes it possible to extendOperating flooring thanks to the reliable protection from moisture inside. The adhesive laminate can not be dismantled, as the panels are very tightly connected to each other.

Compliance with all recommendations for laying laminate will provide a beautiful and durable floor covering. Furthermore, it is possible diagonally laid laminateTo get interesting and beautiful pattern.

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