Choosing the design of a country house

Current trends in the property markethas undergone significant changes. If earlier all tried to leave the village and went to the city in search of a better life, but now everything has changed. Many people want to change accommodation in the city on a quiet spot in the fresh air. In the new situation mean the repair and construction of town houses are in great demand. In this article, we'll talk, how to choose the design of a country house.

Which design to choose: classic or a contemporary?

Each of us has their own ideas aboutaesthetics, more financial possibilities and desires, we also differ. All this affects the choice of home design. Styles can be classic (palace, English and others) and modern (country, constructivism, hi-tech, etc.).

Modern styles have won great popularity. Homes are often formalized in a rustic style, which is known as a country. In this case, you can use a huge variety of decorative elements. So, it is quite appropriate will be parts of the folk style, which can be complemented by Old Russian bast shoes and painted crockery. If desired, you can place on the table of wood samovar, and in the corner of the house to put the ancient chest.

Country style distinguishes natural andplainness, there is no expensive elements of the decor, and every detail of the interior is practical. When you create the interior used natural materials such as brick, wood, and stone. Well, if a house is used wood furniture and wicker products will look especially elegant. Natural fabrics, too, will take its rightful place - wool, cotton, flax and others.

Classic style design of country houses

If we talk about the classic design of the houses, thenvery popular style of the palace. It involves the use of parts or inlaid wood carvings, often it uses a crystal. Through this design creates an atmosphere of wealth and good taste informs the homeowner.

The palace style with its ornamental details aboundornamentation, gilding, etc. When choosing furniture products are widely used pastel colors and ivory, they are covered with a light varnish. To give the furniture an antique look, it specifically sostarivayut.

We considered two basic styles design of cottages. The information will help choose the design of a country houseThat meets your state of mind and financial possibilities.

Choosing the design of a country house
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