Select the wallpaper for the hallway

Entrance is usually considered to be minorlocation. It is often a close, elongated, narrow and without a single window. In the overall impression of the building even a short stay in a hallway affects not the best way. How can I fix this?


What should be the wallpaper for the hallway? Of course, they have to be washable. The fact that the hall - is a kind of risk zone walls every day experiencing the strength of street dirt and dust. But can the area most heavily exposed to pollution, okleit washable wallpaper, and other areas - conventional.

For the hallway is recommended to use fiberglass, vinyl wallpapers, wallpaper for painting, natural for decoding as inserts. And in no case do not use textile wallpaper in the hallway.

Wallpaper for painting - structural.

They do not have a bright picture, but insteaddifferent surface topography. This wallpaper is much cheaper plastic panels or tiles, and in their resistance is much superior to conventional paper wallpaper. These wallpapers bite mask defects and irregularities of the walls. It is best to choose low-key tones. For hallway perfect blue, cream, pink and greenish hue. Stage wallpaper in a dark inert hall will be much lighter. Simply place correctly fixtures.

Color solution. Remember that the entrance hall is a buffer zone between the dwelling and the street. This means that it is in it will collect all the dust and dirt. That is why. It is necessary to make the white hallway. Also, do not fit, and very dark wallpaper. The ideal option would be mottled or color shades. A good solution - dark blotches on the basis of the light.

Photo wall.

Panoramic wallpaper cold light colors literally"Pushing" the wall. A Mural executed in warm tones, on the contrary they can move. Tall and narrow, and the wallpaper in the rug can be placed in a stylish frame, made of ceiling moldings. As a result, you get a real picture-landscape. And if you're not hanging a large mirror on the wall, the room will seem just great, and this in spite of its real dimensions.

Change the space. If your hallway is not enough light, you can use a combined fining: light Poquelin wallpaper at the top, and dark - in the bottom. And do not forget to close the joint between them with the help of a border strip. Dark protect from dirt and light top expands the space and adds light.

Wallpapers cold tones visually increasespace. The best thing to do to use blue or blue wallpaper. Wallpapers with dim, but a large pattern and Wallpaper saturated colors reduce the size of the room. They can be used only in truly great passers and halls.

If you have an elongated hall, the walls by the door some wallpaper paste over, and the far wall - the other, but similar in shade. Close the seam similarity arches. So you can identify in your hallway two zones.

There is another interesting solution for the hallway. You can paste over the same wallpaper walls and ceiling. This technique will be your entrance like a casket. And it is not so important, will be combined with the wallpaper in the hallway coatings in other areas. Doi harmonious environment sometimes rather general color combination or something similar pattern.


The magic figure. Pomeroy, that big bright picture conceals the volume and slightly reduces the room. A plain wallpaper or wallpaper with a fine pattern, add a small space room.

The height of the room can be increased by using vertical bars or picture. Horizontal stripes will lower the ceiling. And the wider the band, the more this effect will be noticeable.

Mimics stone textured wallpaper is one of the most advantageous options for processing the hallway.

Select the wallpaper for the hallway
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