Choose office partitions

Office partitions are indispensablepart of modern offices. This low design low weight, which allow the room a large area divided into small zones for each employee. This solution allows you to work in a team, but to get rid of the feeling that someone is looking at the screen of your monitor. As a result, modern office partitions significantly increase labor productivity, also thanks to them that the leadership can always find out how busy a particular slave.

Consider the recommendations on the choice of office partitions.

Select the partition in office

From the outset, it is necessary to determine thethe functionality of the product. The modern market offers a desktop, Quick-stationary, quick, folding, mobile, and other kinds of office partitions.

The next figure to be taken into account,- The presence of glazing. Office partitions may be deaf, combined and open. Their main difference - the amount of the transmitted light. For example, open partition readily transmit light, whereby space becomes wider visually. To get the greatest transparency, set all-glass design. However, they have their own disadvantages - to get rid of "excessive" transparency, film or blinds are installed on that additional costs.

Combined walls are more practical,so the demand for them is higher. As a rule, the first meter of opaque design that allows in its sole discretion to arrange furniture without risking cause septum damage. If we talk about deaf partitions, they are unglazed panel, they are often used between rooms. Because they do not transmit light, they try to mount a right angle to the line of windows that allows maximum illumination of premises.

Well think about the desired level of insulationand fire walls. For example, the amount of glass will depend acoustic indicator. In addition, it will affect literacy design installation. Partitions may be fire, but their cost is higher than that of conventional products.

As you can see, the choice of office partitions - it is not a simple matter. However, doing it correctly, it is possible to obtain a practical, well-lit and safe room.

Choose office partitions
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