Tension ceilings: how to prepare for them the room?

Today is available a huge choice of finishingmaterials for the ceiling. Although there are a myriad of technologies, ceilings have a number of advantages. They are extraordinarily beautiful, versatile, and its practicality is highly commendable. In addition, this type of coating does not require surface preparation for its installation. This they feature often is the deciding factor in the choice of finishing material. After all, who wants to tinker with old peeling ceilings? And who is having fun on the putty works in the new apartment? However tensioning structure may be mounted on the ceiling, which is in any state. In addition, the installation of a tension ceiling takes place without the formation of a huge amount of debris. This is another advantage for the premises, which is especially important when you make room for the baby.

Take care of furniture

Nevertheless, certain preparatory worksbefore the false ceiling installation should be made? How to prepare the room for the installation of the cover? Collateral quality and quick assembly is the lack of furniture in the room. As a result, the installation itself stretch ceiling It will be made easier, and work will be easier to move around the room.

Such a large furniture like cabinets or walls can beleave the room. However, we should not forget the ceiling attachment feature - their joints with the walls are the most responsible and important step in creating the assembly. This means that the distance between the upper part of the furniture and the ceiling should be at least 30 centimeters, besides the cabinet should not be right next to the wall.

Thus you can noticeably simplifyfilm installation procedure and baguette that help perform a more qualitative heating the entire structure during its stretch. Modern interior design can include exotic designs, stepped ceilings or complex lighting system. In such situations, the furniture should move away from the walls, the height of whatever it may be.

Finish other work on walls and ceilings

Another requirement for the installation stretch ceiling - Other construction work on the decoration of the walls andceiling ventilation should already be made. In addition, the room must be freed of debris, because for this to work the room cleanliness plays an important role. Moreover, the installation of suspended ceilings provides a warm space with the help of special equipment. Therefore, any items that may be damaged by the elevated temperature of the room should be removed.

Stretch ceiling should be installed in alreadya residential area. With his installation formed the minimum amount of construction waste, and after the film is stretched and warmed up, do no waste will not.

How is the installation of false ceilings

The entire process of creating a stretch ceiling is not complicated: is necessary to increase the room temperature at its perimeter tensioned film. As soon as the temperature reaches the required level, the film is fixed in the baguettes. Through further warming regulated uniform tension chlorinated polyvinyl film.

If you provide the simplicity and ease ofinstallers movement around the room, you will help them get the job done faster. Usually, for fixing a stretch ceiling in a room requires several hours. However, floor space and design complexity can affect this indicator. If you plan to equip the tensile structures the whole house or flat, it may take several days.

The reward for your hard work will be qualitydecorative ceiling. It is practical and durable, able for decades to please the eye and benefit the owners of the apartment. And if the bathroom to prepare and install it suspended ceiling, then you can not worry, if you forget to close neighbors cocks. One square meter of coating is able to withstand up to 100 kg of weight.

Tension ceilings: how to prepare for them the room?
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