Carpet for modern living

Carpet is one of the oldest productsworld. Altai was found pile carpet created in the V century BC. Since ancient times the carpets were a symbol of wealth owners, and in addition to decorative purposes served for warming the room. The founders are considered nomadic carpet. It nomads were the first to use the wool of sheep and invented movable loom. Carpets are always in fashion. After walking for a warm and soft carpet is much nicer than on the bare tile or laminitis. carpets not fashionable to hang on the wall, as it was a couple of decades ago, is also out of fashion and carpet. However, the carpet lying on the floor in the center of the room, always at the height of fashion.

Floor carpets It can be divided into two groups, namely natural and synthetic. For natural products include carpets made of wool or silk.

Wool carpets

Wool carpets considered to be the best in the world. They are well retain heat and are characterized by high resistance to dirt. Most often, for the manufacture of carpet used wool because it has a lovely softness, sufficient strength and durability in operation. Wool carpets have a rather high strength, and as a resultthis for a long time retain an attractive appearance. Another positive quality of wool carpets is their positive impact on human health. Walking barefoot on Wool carpets It helps to eliminate static electricity, or even contribute to improving mood.

Silk carpets

Today, silk carpets areoriginal work of art, as demonstrated superior aesthetic quality. Carpets made of silk are made by hand. Silk thread is used in silk carpets, created from strands of the cocoon of the silkworm. That is why the silk rug is environmentally friendly and does not cause allergies. To check whether you bought the carpet with natural, you need to rub the nap hand. This silk carpet seems warm to the touch, artificial - cold.

Carpets manufactured from synthetic materials

Synthetic floor carpet inferior in quality silk and woolen carpets. Carpets made of synthetic materials is wellretain heat and after them a lot easier to look than carpet, created from natural materials. The main disadvantage of synthetic carpets is their rather rapid wear. Even so, this category Carpet enjoys considerable demand, due to the reasonable price, even for non-around prosperous consumers.

Use of a carpet interior design modern housing

Well-chosen rug will create an impression of integrity and bring together disparate parts of the room decor together. In order not to disrupt the interior of your house, you should choose wisely outdoor carpet.

This aesthetic detail necessarily fit in style to the overall decor of the home. It is not necessary to select a carpet color to the walls, because it will spoil the good aesthetic appearance of the room.

Having decided to spread the floor of the room monochrome carpetshould purchase small interior elements of the same color with the carpet. It may be statues, vases and pillows. With the help of well-chosen rug in the house creates a warm atmosphere and comfort. When choosing a carpet, be aware that colors affect the emotional state of the person. The carpet of green has a calming effect on the nervous system and increases efficiency. Red is a stimulant, and Brown has to rest. Today the range of carpet products so rich that will allow you to choose the carpet that will appeal to all family members and is ideally fit into the interior of your home.

Persian carpets - classics of the genre

The most expensive and luxurious carpets to alltimes been considered Persian today. They are completely made by hand. These carpets will fit into any interior, as they can be considered as a benchmark of the Oriental rug. To date, Iran (Persia) is considered to be the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. Iranian masters is maintained at the highest level all the features and advantages of their carpets.

Persian rug a work of art, adorable and emphasizing the prestige of the owner. These rugs impress a huge variety of design, color and material. Most often Persian carpets made of silky "Snatch" wool, which is obtained by shearing in the spring of goats and sheep.

Dyed wool with natural pigments of plants and minerals. Professional artists use drawings Persian carpet various nature scenes, real and mythical animals.

Carpet for modern living
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