Guide: How to put linoleum house rules of laying, advice on use

How to put linoleum home

Linoleum - one of the most beautiful and durableflooring, characterized by the same high practicality. This unusually warm, hygienic and very durable material. To maintain its performance simply try to avoid long-term contact with chemicals linoleum, for example, such as mineral oil, soda, alkalis and acids. This flooring perfectly ordinary washed with warm soapy water, and return him to the former luster very easily possible by means of rubbing compound. Undeniable, and also plays a significant role in the choice of base, advantage is the ease of laying linoleum. With this work can handle anyone, and we, in turn, will try to facilitate this process and provide some useful tips on how to lay linoleum.


  • Preparation for laying linoleum
    • Determine the amount of material
    • Make space for
    • The road to success - training grounds
    • How to prepare material
    • What is needed for laying
  • How to put linoleum - Technology
  • Types of welding linoleum
  • Terms of installing baseboards
  • Furniture, interior and new linoleum

Preparation for laying linoleum

Before laying linoleum need toto hold a series of preparatory work. This stage can not be avoided for any type of flooring. After proper preparation for flooring base - the key to a remarkable appearance and long life of the floor.

Determine the amount of material

To determine exactly how much you will needmaterial stagnation, it is recommended to draw a plan of the floor of the room with the most accurate indication of the location of all the doorways and pipes entering the floor. Further, in this drawing you must put down all the dimensions:

  • the length and width of the room;
  • area;
  • distance communication to enter the premises;
  • the width of doorways.

Now you can go for the purchase of linoleum.

Council: buy linoleum better in a specialized hardware store, because there are mainly consultants work specially trained people who can help in the selection of the material and give expert advice, as well as to pick up the necessary accessories (connection corners) and skirtings.

When choosing linoleum, special attention should bepay to cover the width of trying to pick it up so as to avoid the formation of internal joints or reduce their number to a minimum. Some stores are practicing not only the selection of the material of the room plan, but also the right size cutting. You just have to bring it home and spread out properly.

How to choose the linoleum in the store

Buy linoleum is better in specialized stores, which together with the recommendations of the experts, you can purchase and related materials cut out cover

Council: when you buy linoleum immediately should purchase new plinth, the best of soft plastic (they even more closely adjacent to the uneven walls) with a cable channel. Do not forget about the dowel-nails for fastening and thresholds.

Make space for

First, you must fully prepare the room,in which a change of coverage planned. To maximize ease the future work should be taken out of the room all the furniture and interior, which are located on the floor. Linoleum - a very soft material, because of what drag items with the uncovered portion of the finished base is fraught with the emergence of a number of difficulties:

  • First, every time, rearranging furniture or other elements of the interior, you will need to take care of special substrates, avoiding forcing linoleum;
  • secondly, heavy objects while moving along the surface of the new coating is required to leave scuff or scratch, and you run the risk of immediately after work to see sloppy nipped floor.

The road to success - training grounds

Now pay attention to the ground plane. As with any other floor covering, it should be as smooth, her even minimal unevenness can not leave. Linoleum - a very soft material, the surface very quickly takes the floor outlines underneath, so that even a very small pebble can cause great damage to the cover above it.

Lay linoleum, in principle, it is possible for anybase. The main condition - it is an absolute flatness. Special insulated kinds of material make it possible not to use thermal insulation even before lay linoleum on concrete. But the waterproofing layer is still worth to build. Usually, before to lay linoleum on concrete floor, its surface stretches ordinary roofing material.

Many people are interested in the question, is it possible to raiseLinoleum on linoleum? Of course, you can, if he is not too old. This will only benefit the new sex. It will be much softer and warmer than the old one. In houses made of reinforced concrete structures one can face the following problem: slabs serving as the basis of the floor are not always primed. In this case, the construction dust will penetrate through the coating. It is possible to avoid this by self-priming the entire surface. If you decide not to remove the old linoleum, then you can limit the priming of the edges.

Priming Substrate

In some cases it is necessary priming Substrate

To avoid relief patterna wooden surface, before you lay linoleum on the wooden floor, it should be covered with hardboard or plywood. In this case, you should also bear in mind that the board under the linoleum with excess moisture can start to rot, so for the life of the need to take great care to under floor did not get any liquid.

How to prepare material

After delivering the purchased material to the destination,rolls must be deployed in the area where you plan to lay linoleum. Here it should be flat at least two days. This will allow him to return to his form and accept these sizes. If the coating consists of several parts, all of them should be expanded in its place.

Tip: transporting the linoleum should be only in the rolls. If it is a rectangle folded several times, from the folds formed as a result of this action, it will be impossible to get rid of.

What is needed for laying

Before you lay linoleum, it is necessary to prepare all necessary. We may need to:

  • glue;
  • roller and brush the primer;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • double-sided tape or cold welding;
  • knife for cutting linoleum;
  • Two spatula for applying adhesive (one - the usual, and the other with teeth).

How to put linoleum - Technology

Cutting linoleum

After otlezhus linoleum, with a special knife cut off all unnecessary

  1. Before you lay linoleum and afterit is completely otlezhus, it must be completely leveled to the floor and cut all unnecessary. Between the wall and the floor covering should be left inch gap, the so-called expansion joint. This will avoid the appearance of waves on the basis of the final, and the gap can be easily hidden under the baseboard.
  2. Now, one edge of the material is rolled into a roll.
  3. Thinking about how to properly laylinoleum, not every guess that for better fixation of the coating can be adhered to the substrate. We recommend that you do so. On the floor surface, which has just removed the linoleum, put a layer of adhesive with a notched trowel.
  4. Puts rolled up the material and carefully smooths it.
  5. At the junction coating cut the followingway: under the linoleum laid a sheet of plywood on top have lapped the second piece and, using a ruler and a knife, cut through both layers of material. If the linoleum is too thick, it is sufficient to cut at least one layer, leaving scratches on the second serving a mark for trimming.
Cutting linoleum

Two layers of linoleum are cut on the line at the same time to get a nice butt.

Types of welding linoleum

Interconnected pieces of linoleum can be atwith cold and hot welds. Hot welding seams requires the use of special tools, so it is only used for paving in commercial establishments, shops, offices and others.

In a residential area good connection joints can beachieved by cold welding. This is a special glue dissolving linoleum edges and dries forming a homogeneous structure with a floor covering.

Let us consider how to lay linoleum, using the method of cold welding:

  1. We connect two pieces of linoleum.
  2. Joint sizing tape. This avoids contact adhesive coating on the other portions.
  3. Cuts through the adhesive tape at the junction.
  4. Apply the adhesive is less than 4 mm thick.
  5. After 10 minutes, remove the adhesive tape completely with the excess glue.

Tip: In case of contact adhesive on the linoleum is not in a hurry to wipe it immediately. After complete drying of the adhesive is removed with fine surface with an ordinary knife.

Gluing linoleum

Proper bonding linoleum Cold welding

Terms of installing baseboards

If we talk about how to lay linoleumyourself, you should give some tips on installing baseboards. After all, why would you, by doing most of the work, call the professionals to carry out this step. So,

  1. We take out of all the skirting boards strips covering the cable channel.
  2. Spread skirting along the walls, and cut them to size.
  3. Are pressed simultaneously plinth to the floor and the wall, and in the recess under the bar through drill hole (in the baseboard and the wall).
  4. Attach the plinth using dowel-screws.
  5. We continue these manipulations on the entire length of the skirting board.

Tip: thick cables in the cable channel should be simultaneously with the installation. Otherwise, this would be very problematic.

Installation of baseboards

Before installing the plastic plinth with cable channel is necessary to remove the access panel

Furniture, interior and new linoleum

Talking about how to lay linoleum, it should beto mention the return of the furniture in the room. It is at this stage often acquires a new cover scratches, scuffs and even the ragged holes. Let's see how this can be avoided:

  1. The first thing to check all furniture legs, which is planned to place in the room. They should be lined with soft substrates as plastic which can be used or suede.
  2. At entering its upholstered furniture items oftenput to one side so that they can easily get in the doorway. Quite often, in the side walls of chairs or sofas there are small sticking cloves. If this furniture to drag on the linoleum, the carnations stuck like in a soft floor covering can not just scratch it, but to tear a large piece.
  3. When you drag a heavy dimensional objectsfor them it is necessary to put a soft and durable material (for example, an old rug or blanket). Now, if you pull the fabric edge, can easily deliver a cupboard or wardrobe directly to the destination.
  4. The most dangerous pieces of furniture areSliding chairs and sofas. As a rule, rollers, intended for the construction of rolling on the floor are not checked, and it is their fault causes damaged floor covering after installation of furniture in the room.

So we marked all the main stages of the process and we are sure that you no longer interested in the question, how much it costs to lay linoleum.

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