The wooden bath - it's very interesting!

"Wooden bath" - it even soundsquite unusual, because all used mainly to traditional baths made of cast iron, acrylic, steel or the more expensive materials, such as marble or quartz. But the bath made of wood - this is something completely unusual and never seen before. Although, if you think about it, there is nothing unusual in such a bath, because, as the saying goes, everything is new - is well forgotten old.

Wooden baths: a view through the centuries

Bathhouse culture is more than one millennium,and during all these times it was the tree of material from which to produce various kinds of troughs, barrels and pelvis for swimming. The popularity of wooden baths, they began to acquire in recent years, it is fairly easy to explain. Thanks to modern technology, and the development of synthetic materials, all-natural and natural moved into the category of exclusive, and even a kind of luxury. Of course, wood is not the most convenient material for the manufacture of sanitary ware, but these are the baths have a very original appearance, and naturalness of the material itself more than compensates for various kinds of complexity of care and shortcomings.

Wooden baths: basic materials

Typically, the bath are made of woodresistant to moisture wood - teak, oak, cedar, mahogany and wenge. Simply put, for the manufacture of baths that wood is used, which in the old days was used as a material for the construction of ships. In combination with modern materials, wooden tubs are absolutely not afraid to moisture, as well as they can maintain their unbeaten appearance over many years of operation.

Baths from wood consist of tightly fittedwood fragments, which are very well polished and coated with a protective varnish. In fact, such fragments are some very smooth and streamlined design that is capable of becoming a real "highlight" of the bathroom.

Wooden baths: the original style

Modern designers give baths,made of wood, a variety of forms, but most often they resorted to naval theme. These professional experts in their field turns an ordinary bath into a beautiful boat or yacht, which is so nice to sail on the waves of relaxation. These products are capable of harmoniously fit into the design of bathrooms, especially if they are decorated in a minimalist style, ambient or Zen. In this case, a bath made of wood will be not just some decoration decorative and functional element, it also will serve as a major style-forming factor. Often, such a bath set in the center of a bathroom on a special podium, thus focusing all the attention on himself and becoming the "highlight" of the interior.

One of the most spectacular bath can be called,which by their external characteristics are closest to their ancestors - the wooden tubs and barrels. At first glance, these elements manufacturing technology is quite simple - the board and the board of this type baths are a few planks, fastened by special hoops. Because of the perfect fit, as well as the use of the most modern sealants, it is possible to get a really high-quality, reliable and very durable products. In addition, these bathrooms may additionally be equipped with special aerodynamics and hydromassage features, which makes them even more attractive to consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden bathtubs

In baths made of wood is, as itsadvantages and some disadvantages. The advantages of, for example, include unique exterior features as well as some medicinal properties. Along with relaxation and pleasure, being in a bathroom, you can completely get rid of the pain, sleep disorders, relieve irritation and anxiety. There is an opinion that it was the wooden bath significantly accelerate the healing process.

As for the disadvantages, then the wooden tubshe only one - the restriction of use and maintenance. For example, use the baths of wood should be very careful in order not to damage them quite fragile surface. Also, the process of caring for a bathroom should always be carried out in full accordance with the manufacturers instructions and recommendations.

But be that as it may, wooden bathtubs arevery original and beautiful design decoration of any bathroom. By purchasing this suite, you can dramatically transform the design of the room, making it cozier and filling naturalness.

The wooden bath - it's very interesting!
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