What should be the ceiling in the bathroom?

When selecting materials for the ceiling is always importantremember that the conditions in the bathroom is almost always characterized by high humidity. Today available countless variations of ceiling, but do not forget that each species has its own peculiarities. So try to choose this option, which would be both beautiful to look at and practical to use.

Painting and wallpapering

For some reason it has developed such a stereotype that performpainting the ceiling in the bathroom is not possible due to steam and humidity. Many believe that increased temperatures will necessarily lead to flaking and peeling paint, the appearance of mold and bubbles. But do not forget that technological progress has not bypassed and the manufacture of paints for bathrooms. For example, acrylic-based paints Water-known fact that they dry quickly, are easy to apply, and the painted surface through them easily moyutsya.Blagodarya that they contain funtsigidy, the ceiling in the bathroom well protected from the appearance of the fungus. In addition, this type of cover allows you to perform a surface decoration. Particularly impressive look color blends several tones.

Although in general the wallpaper and not suitable forOperating in the bathroom, but this is not the vinyl wallpaper. They are fully protected from water by coating synthetic film. Therefore, they can also be considered as an option.

The tree might be a good material for the ceiling

Panels chipboard or wood paneling will help beautify the ceiling in the bathroom. However, wood paneling needs to be protected. For this purpose, specially designed blue and water-resistant coatings. Crafted with the help of their surface, you can be sure that the tree is no longer afraid of any mold or dampness. For the manufacture of crates fit slats that also received special antiseptic impregnation. Ventilation in the room, too, requires special attention. These recommendations will allow the wooden ceiling for a long time to promote warmth and cosiness in the bathroom. In addition the tree is known for its calming effect, which is especially important in a room for relaxation.

Stretch ceilings and their benefits

For connoisseurs of modern materials idealthe decision may be suspended ceiling. It is made of flexible film elements on the basis of a durable vinyl. This type of trim offers a wide range of textures, colors and design, thanks to him, you can not limit your imagination. Besides using the stretch ceiling can implement complex spatial form, made in different planes or at an angle.

The coating is characterized by high durability, thanksper square meter which withstands 100 liters of water. This is particularly surprising given that the thickness of a stretch ceiling is quite small, and the material is extremely easy. Therefore, if your neighbors are on top do not always remember that the valves must be closed, so will finish this protection to the entire room. Remove accumulated on top of the water you can without any problems: it needs only detach one corner of the ceiling and carefully drain the water, then dry the ceiling with a heat gun and fasten it again. Due to the fact that the coating is waterproof and does not accumulate condensate, it is one of the best solutions for the bathroom.

Features ceilings

False ceiling in the bathroom It looks not less attractive. a variety of materials, but most are in demand plasterboard, mineral fiber and metal can be used to manufacture decorative panels. The false ceiling may have a rack and pinions or tile design. If your bathroom all the plumbing is made of metal, the aluminum ceilings will have an extraordinary vid.Reechnye ceilings, which are especially in demand, most often made of steel or aluminum. They are available with dozens of colors, but the color of chrome and mirrored ceilings were the most common.

Feature rack ceiling isit's almost the only way to inject any form of cover. With undulating roof rack aqua and hidden spot lighting, you can create an amazing interior that will inspire any of your guest.

Selection of the ceiling to pay due attention, becauseYour decision must be entirely deliberate. Do not be afraid to experiment and fantasy, because only in this case you will be able to realize his dream. A beautiful ceiling in the bathroom will be a worthy reward.

What should be the ceiling in the bathroom?
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