What to look for when choosing the material for the bathroom

Bathroom puts forward special requirements formaterial, which it uses. The main feature of this premise is that there is always an increased humidity level. That is why what the other rooms can be maintained over the long term, the bathroom can last much less.

Marble - effective material for bathroom

ideal material for bathroom a marble. Of course, this is not the cheapest cover, but its natural iridescence, the uniqueness of the figure and an abundance of varieties outputs it to the leaders in the market of building materials for the bathroom. Besides marble in perfect harmony with other surfaces, allowing for the design possibilities are endless. Styles "Art Deco" or "the Roman Empire", you can create in your bathroom thanks to the marble.

One of the variants of marble - bathroomyou can do in the yellow and red colors. Made in the form of a table with legs made of marble washbasin it can profit realized in the classic style of the 30s. Today sinks with marble top various forms have not lost their popularity.

The use of marble does not exclude the possibilityuse of accessories of other materials. Marble perfectly with the chrome surfaces, wood, nickel, brass, any surfaces with gold plating.

Wood finishing bathroom

It is interesting to know that the wooden trim refers to the interior of the bathroom more of the XIX century. As material for bathroom You can use different types of wood: mahogany, cherry, teak, oak or pine. To moisture to penetrate into the wood, and it could be a long, wood surface should be covered with a special compound. The tree is in harmony with the various decorative elements and materials that allow use it to implement a variety of design solutions. Quite a large popular furniture made of mahogany. For example, the old table can serve as a stand for the sink.

On the other hand small dimensions can bathroomsbe "integrated" into the wooden furniture or cabinet that is made of the same material as the walls. In this case a siphon tube and can be hidden in the bottom of the cabinet office, and a washbasin set directly into the cabinet itself.

If you live in a wooden house, then in bathroomwith a combination of white tiles and wood, you can create an atmosphere of rural bathhouse. To do this, whitewashed walls and ceiling, and the beam can be left unpainted and use wooden pieces of furniture and accessories.

Bathroom tile will create a welcome interior design

If the bathroom is large, then its body can be oblitsevat tiles. In general, tile is a familiar and standard material for bathroom. Today you can find it on different marketsinvoices (uncoated and coated products) is not uncommon tile that mimics natural materials such as travertine, marble, brick or wood, available huge tiled panels and tiles with different patterns.

Using various methods tiling,plumbing, oil paints and accessories of different colors, you can create an original interior in the bathroom, which is different saturated and rich colors. The black tiles and white sanitary ware, and a black and white tile sanitary ware, white and black tiles that are laid out in a checkerboard pattern and white sanitary ware, as well as sinks, tiles and accessories a range of colors - all this is the most common variants of decorating a bathroom.

Flower Arrangement may be an additionalelement decoration hygiene rooms, especially aesthetic look tiles with repeated patterns, overglaze painting, ceramic panels and reliefs. In our time, again become popular mosaic pictures 30s. With their help it is possible to reproduce the stories of literary works, posters or paintings motives have gained prominence. simulating marble tiles are also available. With it will look good mixers, cranes and accessories with gold plating.

Do not underestimate and brick veneer

Another material for bathroom design canbecome a brick. The walls may be lined with brickwork different colors, which are specially designed for the bathroom. A sink housing can be made of plain bricks. This wall cladding is in harmony with cherry wood furniture and a sink made of baked clay. And if the design rim bath and marble floor use, then this style is especially combined with rough masonry walls. A large flowers in a clay pot can be a good additional decorative element.

Modern materials for the bathroom will help create this space is not only an ideal place for hygiene, but also the room in which there will always be a pleasure to be.

What to look for when choosing the material for the bathroom
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