Vinyl tiles for floors and walls: characteristics, design, styling

Vinyl floor tiles combines twoThe main advantage that can only have the flooring - durability and beauty. It is this combination ensures perfect appearance and long life of your bright floor. PVC tile cost is very low, it can not be said about its consumer qualities - they are on top, and even on some!


  • Advantages of vinyl tile
    • What is PVC tile?
    • Types of finishing material
  • Our photo collection vinyl tile

Advantages of vinyl tile

Among the countless benefits of vinyl tiles can distinguish major groups, that distinguish it from the floor all the others.

  • ease of installation and serviceability. Tiles glued to a special glue or adhesive has already been applied on the reverse side.
Tile on the basis of self-adhesive

Just like you can stick vinyl tiles on the floor

  • environmental friendliness and safety. During operation of the products in the air does not emit any toxic and dangerous to human health.
  • durability and wear resistance. Apply vinyl tiles can be, even in the rooms of an apartment or house where there is a high throughput, including in the areas of commercial or industrial use.
  • low cost. The price of vinyl tiles is much lower than the cost of many types of linoleum, laminate, parquet and tiles.
  • the use of comfort. Caring for vinyl is easy and simple - it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth using various cleaners.
  • endless design possibilities. Products mimic a variety of materials and textures, have a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.
Rectangular vinyl tile

Rectangular vinyl tiles on the basis of an adhesive

What is PVC tile?

Vinyl tiles - a multi-layer coating,which are the basis of polyvinyl chloride and polymer. In addition, the composition has been added and quartz grit, which gives vinyl additional strength, elasticity and stiffness. This is the cornerstone, that is the bottom layer of vinyl tiles.

Middle layer - a figure which is appliedspecial stains using a special technology. This pattern is bright, clear and very firm hold on the bottom layer. Above pattern tile covered with transparent UV-film, reliably protects and pattern and tile color from fading.

The top layer - it is transparent polymers that perform several functions:

  • protection against mechanical damage
  • protection against chemical influences
  • beautiful and noble appearance
Vinyl Composition Tile on the basis of an adhesive

Vinyl tile is quite thin, but its strength can compose legends

It is thanks to durable top layer of tiles can successfully withstand almost any surgical strikes, attack of chemicals and constant mechanical load.

Types of finishing material

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles at the place of application is divided into two large groups:

  • wall tiles
  • Floor tiles

The characteristics and properties of the first and secondvirtually indistinguishable, the main difference in color, pattern and texture - vinyl tiles for the walls can have a more delicate and lighter shades, while the floor tiles is dark and dense texture on the type of wood, marble, brick, etc.

The shape of the vinyl tiles can berectangular and square, triangular, and even, as to create a beautiful and original drawing no walls or floor tiles may require unusual shapes.

By type of tile surface is glossy, matte or have a small roughness, and it can simulate a variety of materials and textures: wood, granite, marble, sandstone, brick, etc.

Our photo collection vinyl tile

So you can be sure that the vinylfloor tiles - a collection of photos which, incidentally, is very high - in fact, takes place in any home, apartment, café, railway station, you can immediately go to the overview of all the options for its use.

Vinyl floor tiles wood

The original pattern of vinyl tile wood - the key to a stylish interior

Vinyl tile wood, as well aslaminate, can easily turn an ordinary room into a quadrangle most stylish room in the apartment. You can use different colors and shades of finishing material to the room began to play in a new way. In this photo you can see a rectangular vinyl tile walnut and light beige colors in combination with each other set the tone throughout the room - the owners have only supplement it with stylish furnishings and accessories.

Vinyl tiles under the sandstone

Vinyl tiles under the sandstone is ideal for bathroom and kitchen

Looking at this picture, just do not even say thatin front of you vinyl tile. It seems as if this is a real tile or natural stone tiles. But no! It's all the same vinyl! As you can see it is not confined to the battlefield only the texture of wood, vinyl, and can turn into marble, and granite.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Fairy vinyl tile. A room in oriental style? Why not!

Look what luxury vinyl tileI appeared before your eyes in this photo - a real fairy tale! It seems that this is not a bar at all, and the whole composition, so all elements are united and inseparable. But the most important thing here - the game of colors and glitter that is so attractive, that to look away from the chic floor is simply impossible. Against the background of such tiles all other interior objects fade.

Chess vinyl

Vinyl tiles. Let's play a game of chess?

Fans of rigorous and concise style, as well asthose who love chess, can decorate your house that's such an original vinyl tile. The combination of white and dark colors are always important, even more so that to find suitable accessories for a stylish floor will have no difficulty.

Vinyl tiles for the bathroom

Matte vinyl tiles for bathroom

Matt textured vinyl tile very original look in the bathroom. On this floor it is very pleasant to walk barefoot, and most importantly - not slippery.

Vinyl tiles for shingles

Only vinyl tiles can give you a chance to go to his apartment for a "real" pebbles

Unusual textures - that's the main advantage of vinyl tiles to all other types of flooring.

Only this material will allow you to walk through the very real Baltic beach, which is right in your kitchen or bathroom.

Vinyl tiles under the shingles. Photo 2

It is only in the interior of the room

And finally a few more colorful pictures, which show the most favorable light vinyl tile and its dignity.

Vinyl tiles with original designs

Futuristic design vinyl tiles

Tile under natural stone

Tiles, which imitates natural stone

Vinyl tiles for commercial establishments

Vinyl in the shop scales

Tile in the supermarket

Even large supermarket can be decorated with vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles for walls and floors

Bathroom finished with vinyl tile. The walls and floor are made in the same style

As you can see, your imagination is not particularly limited, except that your own prejudices. Create, create, invent!

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