Finishing bath plastic panels: the advantages and disadvantages of the material

The modern market of finishing materialsIt offers a huge variety of coatings for the bathroom. This is a special room in any home and any home. The features of its operation is the increased moisture and rapidly changing temperature. Therefore, not every material adapted for use in the bathroom. If you decide to perform renovated bathroom plastic panels, you might want to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the PVC plates.

The main advantages of PVC panels

Let's start with the introduction of this material, with its strengths:

• Affordable price. Finishing material cost is relatively low. When compared to ceramic tiles, the plastic costs about half the price.

• High durability and long service life. Plastic panels are resistant to high levels of humidity, so they are fully adapted for use in the bathroom. They retain their color and do not fade.

• Easy installation. With the installation of plastic panels to handle even the novice of construction. Just a few days you will be able to install plastic panels in a bathroom.

• Noise. Through panels PVC room will have a good sound insulation, and therefore outside will not hear the sound of water.

• Easy to use. Antistatic material, so its surface does not accumulate dust. Caring for them is quite simple - you need to periodically wash the surface using cleaning agents.

Plastic panels can be purchased in variouscolors. The material allows you to simulate natural stone, wood, textiles, leather, ceramic tiles, etc. Use it to get the original interior.

As you can see, plastic panels have many strengths. However, the material has some drawbacks. Let's look at them as well.

Disadvantages of PVC panels

Panels made of PVC plastic, which is notIt is a natural material and therefore high environmental performance can not boast. PVC is a versatile polymer. It is used for water pipes, hose, and other materials. It is used in the manufacture of disposable syringes and bottles, packaging for food packaging.

PVC panels are highlyflammability. With their burning spreads suffocating smoke. PVC is known for its self-extinguishing properties. However, the presence in the building materials which burn well may contribute to its flammability. When it is not allocated combustion chemically active substances and impurities.

In sharp drops plastic panel temperature may change its shape. The material has a low resistance to mechanical damage. It is easy to break or dent.

Some owners bathrooms with plasticfinishing point of their low aesthetics. This primarily relates to the use of a glossy coating that does not always have a natural appearance. Therefore, if you want to get high-quality imitation of a natural stone or wood, take a look at the plastic with a matte color.

If you come to the store in search of the buildingPVC panels, at their choice pay attention to the evenness of the material. In this case, you can not only ease the installation work, but also to get straight walls. Well, to each canvas had waves and surges. The panels should have a uniform color and tone of various elements must be the same. It is not always easy to purchase high-quality finishing materials. Buying it from a retailer, you will increase the chance to avoid buying low-quality coating.

So, we have examined in detail the main advantages and disadvantages of plastic panels. The information provided will help determine whether the purchase of the finishing material.

Finishing bath plastic panels: the advantages and disadvantages of the material
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