Decorating plastic bathroom

Repairs in the bathroom is an expensive pleasure. Despite the small size of the premises, its arrangement in the post-Soviet apartments require considerable investments. Decorating plastic bathroom will reduce costs and get an aestheticallyattractive surface. If you have never used a finishing material, our article will help you use it to equip the room hygiene.

Getting to the bathroom repairs

The use of plastic panels to hide the pipes, encircling the room. By placing them under the decorative cover, you will add the room aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Removing old plaster helps a bitincrease the area of ​​the room. While it may seem that the vacated space is very small, it is very important for small bathrooms. And how sometimes you have to be sorry, there is not enough of a centimeter or two to install the tables or washing machine!

If used for the wallssand-lime mixture, remove it would be quite easy. The truth is a lot of dust emitted during operation. Arm respirator while using a cellophane you can protect the various elements of the bathroom. But even if the plastering was carried out using sand and cement composition, it is better to get rid of. Of course, this work is not easy, but you will loose valuable centimeters.

carcass fabrication Features

Decorating the bathroom plastic photo in several steps. We have already reviewed the features of preparation. Now let's talk about the production of carcass.

The frame may be made of metalprofiles, which are used for finishing drywall premises. They are fixed every 40-50 cm. The profiles fixed horizontally. As the fasteners used 20-25 mm screws on the metal. Try to make them so as to obtain a perfectly smooth vertical.

Of course, the frame can be made of woodslats, but the metal is a preferred material. Wood is known, has a low resistance to moisture, then may settle on the mold surface.

Installation of plastic panels

After the installation, you can frameto begin installation PVC panels. As mentioned above, used for metal screws 20-25 mm in length for attaching them. With the help of decorative overlays you can hide them. If you handle them the inside of the sealant, you can securely lock them into hardware.

The joints of panels of polyvinyl chloride should beseal. To do this, use silicone sealant. In cases where the bathroom is dryer or heating the battery, then the need to install Heat Reflector. Without it, under strong heating panels can change its shape.

Features of corner joints

To connect panels in corners applyOuter and inner corner profiles, which are also used to install the lining. L-shaped profile is used to start and finish the wall. The bottom of the plastic panels can be left as is, in the future they will hide the plinth.

As you can see, the installation of plastic panels is enoughis simple to implement, so it is able to produce almost everyone. Just remember that you should first familiarize themselves with the correct sequence of work, and only then try to repeat them. We are confident that you will succeed!

Decorating plastic bathroom
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