Interior design of the bathroom (Part 2)

How, in your opinion, what kind of plumbing accessorythe most important in the bathroom? Of course, this bathroom. In our time, the product is available in various forms and the variety of colors. You can buy a triangular bathroom, as well as the product in the form of an oval or rectangle, which would take into account the layout of the room and its size. The selected color will identify the owner of the interior of the product. And if the cleanliness of the room has a large area, then it is possible to arrange the most modern and aesthetic equipment. plumbing accessories market provides a Interior design of a bathroom Photo which will not leave anyone indifferent.
You can set the structure of steel,marble, cast iron or acrylic. The advantages of cast iron tubs are high durability, the ability to retain heat and considerable strength. You can buy their refined shape, with comfortable handles and aesthetically attractive appearance. Their coating prevents slipping and protects against falls. The other articles of our site you will find a detailed description of other types of baths.

Choosing lighting

The importance of lighting in the room hygiene difficultoveremphasized. The designers in one voice told that this room should be the most lit throughout the apartment. Before installing the lighting is important to determine their location and corresponds to the total clearance. Try to choose the right lighting, taking into account features of the room: high temperatures and humidity, as well as fumes from cleaning compounds. Moreover fixtures should not be afraid of corrosion, good to emit enough light.

All of the above requirements are met by halogen lamps, moreover, they are economical in terms of electricity consumption. They are perfectly integrated in the suspended ceiling, which makes bathroom interior design room photo particularly attractive.

If you want to emphasize the intimate atmosphere inThis room, set a few decorative lamps. And you will be able to create the desired interior thanks to mobile sources of light: they allow you to change the color, direction of light and its intensity. Thanks to them, you can achieve the desired effect in the hygiene room small.

We select the color scheme

Choosing color solution plays an important role inchoice of bathroom design. Here, in the first place should be guided by their own preferences. However, it is important to take into account the feature of colors: it can help to visually enlarge the space of the room and out, moreover, it can either lift your mood and cause overt irritation.

The colors of tiles to create athe main color of the room. Light colors visually increase it, this purpose will ensure diagonal laying floor tiles. But the use of saturated and dark colors will reduce space. The appropriateness of the following colors for the room will be: green, white, and various shades of beige and blue and gray tones.

Through the use of blue color is createdatmosphere conducive to relaxation. Decorated with the help of bath helps to reduce the pressure, but also has a soothing and soporific effects. It was found that green promotes rest and relaxation the eyes and reduce stress. To create a comfortable environment using the materials of copper, pink, scarlet or gold colors.

When choosing colors for furniture it is important toto focus primarily on interior design and personal taste preferences. Suffice stylish furniture items will look with a glossy or matte finish, the same is true for light colors. When choosing color solutions for the hygiene of the room is important to take into account many factors: their combination with other elements of the room, as well as the impact on our mood and well-being.

Interior design of the bathroom (Part 2)
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