Interior design of the bathroom (Part 1)

In the old days design bathroomsIt paid very little attention. Today, the design of the premises is given a high value. After all, bathroom is not only to clean the teeth and combing. Well, if this is a good relax and take a shower. Interior design bathroom should in every way to have it. It is important to pay attention to everything: the choice of finishing materials, lighting, sanitary accessories, and other items. Let us in this and the next article a detailed look at them.

Styles cleanliness of the room

Even small size room you needproperly equip. They must be equipped with the comfort and practicality. With the proper accomplishment of the bathroom, you will be able to recuperate after a busy day. When choosing a design it is important to be guided by their tastes and preferences. Try this when you make room to his style harmoniously combined with the design of the entire apartment. His choice will affect the shape and space of the room hygiene.

When making a room in the classical style for thelining the walls, you can use the marble tiles, pieces of furniture can be made of natural stone. Colors of walls can choose their own taste. The bathrooms are decorated in a classic style, will always be relevant marble and granite. For example, the furniture in bright colors will blend in perfectly with tops made of natural marble. A Venetian plaster help give the room a special originality and exclusivity. At the same time, note that the classic style is impressive to look at the spacious rooms.

Making hygiene rooms in country styleIt involves the use of only natural materials, well, if they are present handmade items. You can use wicker furniture, for the manufacture of a moisture-resistant materials are used. A retrostil will only increase the effect of antiquity. When wall covering can be used mahogany wood or other species.

Interior design bathroom, Made in the ethnic style, it allows you to givewill experiment. As the cladding material can be used natural stone and wood, well, if the materials will have a brown or gray. This style involves the use of only natural materials. Thanks to modern technology you can realize almost all of its ideas.

The choice of finishing materials

To make the walls of the bathroom are widelyused ceramic tile, modern building materials market offers a wide range of it: the variety of textures and colors will allow to choose the most suitable material. Suffice it effectively looks to use ceramic tiles with the transition of colors when dark elements below are replaced by lighter tones at the top of the room.

Mirror tiles looks reallyinteresting. And with the help of a mirror ceiling, you can visually enlarge the size of a bathroom. Adequate distribution of received artificial stone. It is characterized by a huge variety of textures and colors, so it can be used to perform finishing floors and walls.

Marble, of course, will look expensive andexclusively, but we have a good pay for it. Thanks to its use of a bathroom will get a special refinement and originality. Another popular material agglomerate, allows you to trim the floor surfaces and walls. It is a large-sized thin plate of different colors. If the surface is smooth, you can quickly run it through the finish of the agglomerate.

There are other types of finishing materials: latex paint, suspended ceilings, suspended ceiling structures and other.

So, we have considered the modern stylesbathrooms and materials used for their finishing. The following article you will find out what the sanitary equipment used for these premises.

Interior design of the bathroom (Part 1)
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