Color schemes bathroom: all the colors of the rainbow

It is known that color plays a very important role in the interior design of any room, and the bathroom is no exception. A well-chosen color schemes bathroom assist in the implementation of some of the visual effects, including those related to visual increase of the room or create a certain atmosphere and a certain mood.

Depending on the color decision,the bathroom there is a possibility of creation of this space for relaxation - it should choose neutral colors - or, on the contrary, to revive the space and make it more interesting - this will help the bright color palette.

For registration to the bathroom designToday, access to many simply spectacular color scheme choice of which depends on the personal preferences of owners of house or some features of the bathroom itself.

Marine blue, pink and purple - serenity and relaxation

Such color schemes bathroom They can be used to createreally easy and relaxing interior. It is a harmonious combination of shades of blue, red and purple colors can be represented in interior bath water of the seas and oceans. In the case of a color gamut, much depends on the intensity of the selected color and design of the room interior.

Dark brown, soft yellow, blue - basic shades

In that color scheme is mainly represented byOnly cold colors and why they are used only to create the appropriate atmosphere in the bath room. It should be noted that these shades can be called basic, because if you want them, you can without much difficulty to add a variety of colors, thus making it a better color scheme. Do not be amiss to mention that a neutral brown shade, in turn, is able also to balance the colors, thus making it much more beautiful.

Pastel colors: pink, blue, green, green

Typically, design bathroom designbe sure to include some cool colors - often blue and green. However, it should be noted, this color scheme is able to allocate very beneficial bath of the traditional solutions, since, despite the fact that it contains shades of blue and green, pink is dominant. This color can add to the bathroom some gentle heat and "warm up" the cold of space and to avoid mistakes in the design.

Green, steel blue, pink and purple

The combination of all these colors as a result creates asimply amazing effect of the combination of heat and cold. Using this color scheme in the bathroom can be the dominant green, and all the other colors will only play the role of some specific color accents.

In addition to the above standard skinsbathroom, you can also create your own, the benefit to do this is quite simple. The first thing you need to find the main basic shades. As a rule, these are red, green, purple, blue, orange and yellow colors. It is essential to avoid the combination of these colors because of their high contrast. Further, it is necessary to allocate the triad of colors that are composed of three remote shades, such as violet-brown-green, red-blue-yellow. Using these color schemes, you can greatly increase the brightness of the interior of the bathroom, as well as to create in the room is very exciting atmosphere and layout of the apartment.

Choosing color schemes bathroom It should also not neglect the use of moreand warm colors. Warm aura created by these shades, will help balance the cool atmosphere in the bathroom, as well as to create in it the necessary comfort.

Do not be afraid to use bright saturatedcolor - it is no help to create a unique interior design and bathroom design will simply unique. When making a bath of colors should follow the golden rule of 60-30-10. The essence of this rule is to respect the following principles create the perfect color scheme: 60% of the bath volume should be painted in one color, 30% - always in a completely different, and 10% of all bathroom space should have its own color.

Using a variety of colors and mixingthey can create in the bathroom the most favorable and comfortable atmosphere. It should be noted that we should not be afraid to experiment, because the conduct of such a process - it is a creative process, in which you can show your hidden artistic talent. Create a decoration of the room with his hands!

Color schemes bathroom: all the colors of the rainbow
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