Shower cabins (110 pics)

110 variants of shower cabins. Help in choosing the material of the shower tray and shower. All about additional features and useful trivia in the collection.

Shower cabins - a stylish and very convenient solution for those who have the size of bathrooms left much to be desired. Read more about types and prices below. Photos are attached.


  1. Choose the type of shower cabin
    1. Open showers
    2. Closed shower cubicles
  2. Choose a model of a shower cabin
    1. Shower room
    2. Shower cabin without roof
    3. Shower Capsule
    4. Combined shower (with bathtub)
  3. Choose the pallet materials
    1. Acrylic
    2. Cast iron
    3. Steel
    4. Ceramics
    5. A rock
    6. Tree
  4. Choose the material for the partition
    1. Waterproof curtain
    2. PMMA
    3. Plastic
    4. Strained glass
  5. Choosing a package
    1. Faucets
    2. Shower head
  6. Additional functions
    1. Hydromassage
    2. Steam Generator
    3. Built-in sauna
    4. Aromatherapy
    5. Ozonation
    6. Infrared radiation
  7. Pleasant trifles
    1. Radio
    2. TV
    3. Video player
  8. Care Tips

Shower cabins in Western countries are usedLong enough. But in our country they began to gain popularity only about ten years ago. Of course, in Soviet times, when a conveyor was delivered, at best, several models of this or that piece of furniture, there was not much to choose from. But on the other hand, provided that the vast majority of our population lives in small apartments, where the size of the bathroom is very limited, it is a bit strange that the use of shower cabins is not so massive.

Not everyone likes to take longBath. Such decisions are relaxing, but very often, especially in the morning, it is necessary to reverse - cheer up. There are several significant advantages to taking a shower:

  • It's economical. The water consumption during the shower is much less than during the bath. On average, experts estimate the water consumption in the shower as about 3-4 times less than during the bath.
  • It's fast. It takes much less time to take a shower. There is no need to wait until the bathtub is typed, and the process itself is reduced to direct washing, not bathing and splashing.
  • It's compact. Even the most spacious shower does not require as much space for its location, as an ordinary bath.
  • It's hygienic. Due to the fact that only running water, dirt, bacteria and microbes are constantly in the shower, it accumulates and multiplies much less than in the bathroom.

Choose the type of shower cabin

There are two types of shower cabins:

  • Open
  • Closed

Open showers

An open shower is a small tray that is installed in a corner bathroom And two partitions - from wall to wall.

Read our article about choosing Bathroom tiles!

Such cabs:

  • Inexpensive
  • Compact

When choosing an open shower, try to give preference to higher partitions, otherwise the water (during the washing of the head) can pour out through the top.

Outdoor shower - 1
Outdoor shower - 2
Outdoor shower - 3
Outdoor shower - 4
Outdoor shower - 5
Shower cabin (open) - 1
Shower cabin (open) - 2
Shower cabin (open) - 3
Shower cabin (open) - 4
Shower cabin (open) - 5

Closed shower cubicles

The enclosed shower enclosure is aSealed capsule, which is closed on all sides (including, and from above). It does not matter whether you put such a shower in the corner of the bathroom or just near one wall - thanks to the closed structure, absolutely everything is protected from moisture.

Closed design also protects the bathroom from condensation, so neither walls nor furniture in the bathroom will not succumb to temperature changes and high humidity.

Another undoubted advantage of enclosed showers is that manufacturers supply them with all kinds of devices and gadgets. It can be a hydromassage, a radio and even wi-fi.

Closed shower cubicle - 1
Closed shower - 2
Closed shower cubicle - 3
Closed shower cubicle - 4
Closed shower - 5
Shower cabin (closed) - 1
Shower cabin (closed) - 2
Shower cabin (closed) - 3
Shower cabin (closed) - 4
Shower cabin (closed) - 5

Choose a model of a shower cabin

Shower room

The shower corner is the most simple open shower, without special twists.

The shower corner can be:

  • Frameless. In this case, the partitions are attached by means of loops. Also, mounting profiles can be used for fastening. This design looks stylish and does not burden the interior.
  • Frame. In this case, the framework for securing the partitions is located only along their perimeter. Most often in such designs the sliding door type, so in terms of functionality and space saving is the most optimal option.
  • Frame construction with internal partitions. Such shower corners are the most common due to their stability.

Also shower corners can be of different shapes: rectangular, square, semicircular.

Here it is necessary to focus not only on your taste, but also on the possibility of placing a particular design in your bathroom.

AT Small bathroom It is better to give preference to a small roundedShower. On the one hand, you need at least a place to place it, on the other hand - a streamlined rounded shape of the leaflets will allow you to move as comfortably as possible outside the shower (you will not brush your teeth or wash your hands in the shower corner?).

Rectangular shower corners are more appropriate for spacious bathrooms.

Sizes of shower cabins
minimum 75 cm * 75 cm
maximum 90 cm * 120 cm
Shower Room - 1
Shower room - 2
Shower room - 3
Shower room - 4
Shower Room - 5

Shower cabin without roof

Shower cabin without roof (but closed withPartitions on all sides) is a compromise option between open and closed shower cabins. This cabin does not protect the bathroom from fumes, so the condensate will be collected on the ceiling (the walls will be protected from moisture). That's why take good care of yourself. Ceiling decoration In the bathroom so that he does not lose his appearance.

Who then needs such a shower - you ask? Everything is very simple. Such a shower cabin should be preferred in two cases:

  1. If you have low ceilings (less than 210 cm), since shower cabins with a roof require more space for installation.
  2. If you or your family members have a very high growth (above 195 cm).

In either case, you will not be able to pick up a fully enclosed shower capsule, since this will significantly affect the usability of the capsule.

When installing a closed cabin without a roof, doSpecial drains from the walls, so that water and condensation do not flow into the gap between the wall and the partition. Otherwise, this space will become the abode of mold and fungi.

Shower cabin without roof - 1
Shower cabin without roof - 2
Shower cabin without roof - 3
Shower cabin without roof - 4
Shower cabin without roof - 5
Shower cabin without roof - 6

Shower Capsule

A shower capsule is a fully enclosed shower. Its main advantages are:

  • Fully sealed
  • Protects the interior of the bathroom from temperature changes
  • Protects the bathroom interior from moisture
  • It is supplied with all kinds of additions
  • It does not have to be in the corner of the bathroom

Among the shortcomings can be identified as follows:

  • High price
  • Requires space for accommodation
  • Not suitable for very high people
Shower capsule - 1
Shower capsule - 2
Shower capsule - 3

Combined shower (with bathtub)

Combined cabins are also known asNames of a shower box or a hydrobox. Option, when the shower encloses a bath - is very popular today, especially among parents with young children (newborns) who can not be washed under the shower. In addition, it is an excellent option for lovers to romantically luxuriate in the clouds of foam. Hydrobox can be a compromise solution for large families, in which it was not possible to unanimously decide in favor of a bath or shower.

Among the negative aspects, perhaps, only the following: the need for space for location and price.

Combined shower - 1
Combined shower - 2
Combined shower cubicle - 3
Combined shower - 4
Combined shower - 5
Shower with bath - 1
Shower with bath - 2
Shower with bath - 3
Shower with bath - 4
Shower with bath - 5

Choose the pallet materials


One of the most popular materials for the production of pallets for shower cabins. This is due to many reasons:

  • Acrylic - very malleable material, it can beTo give absolutely any form that allows not only to make a pallet stylish, but also to form under the installation of various additions. The average term of his service is 15-20 years.
  • Acrylic is easy to clean. It is easy to clean, does not require special tools in the care and permanently retains its appearance.
  • Special paste allows you to correct mechanical defects during use, which extends the life of the acrylic pallet.

However, the acrylic pallet can bend (and howConsequence - to break). Therefore, if the manufacturer has not previously strengthened it with metal plates - it will be necessary to additionally purchase a metal frame.

Acrylic tray - 1
Acrylic tray - 2
Acrylic tray - 3
Acrylic tray - 4
Acrylic tray - 5

Cast iron

These are the most unbreakable pallets thatCorrect operation can last several decades. Such pallets are heated for a long time, but they also give up heat much more slowly. In addition, this is the most budgetary pallets, their price is low. Of the minuses, you can note the great weight and limited variety of forms (several standard models).


Steel pallets are enameled. They are more attractive than cast-iron, but they also slowly heat up and have a very low threshold of sound insulation. The lifetime of such a pallet is determined by the quality of the coating enamel.

The pallet from a steel - 1
Steel pallet - 2
Steel pallet - 3
Pallet made of steel - 4
Pallet made of steel - 5


A beautiful and easy-to-use and maintenance-friendly view of pallets for shower cabins. Warmer than steel or cast iron. However fragile.

A rock

Pallets made of stone are considered to be the most durable,Stylish and, most importantly, quickly warming up. Most often, marble is used to create a stone tray, although other options are possible. The drawback of using natural stone is its high cost. Therefore, cheaper synthetic materials can be used, for example - porcelain stoneware. It is strong enough, and the similarity with natural stone makes it a very popular material for the creation of shower trays.

Stone pallet - 1
Stone pallet - 2
Stone pallet - 3
Stone pallet - 4
Stone pallet - 5


A wooden pallet is more suitable for a dacha,Rather than for home. If the tree is not properly processed, this pallet will not last long. However, it is permissible to use only some wooden elements in the shower enclosure in a shower tray, for example, as the bottom on which a person stands directly. In this case, contact with the shower will be pleasant and comfortable due to the naturalness of the tree.

Wooden pallet - 1
Wooden pallet - 2
Wooden pallet - 3
Wooden pallet - 4
Wooden pallet - 5

Choose the material for the partition

Waterproof curtain

Curtains in the shower - elementaryA partition that you can easily make by yourself. By and large - it echoes the specifics of the use of ordinary bathtubs, in which to take a shower without a curtain - just impossible: everything will be flooded with water. Note that if the curtain is not fixed from the bottom (but only at the top), the risk of pouring everything around in such a shower corner is even greater than the bathroom, if its sides are not high enough.

Shade for shower - 1
Shade for shower - 2
Shade for shower - 3
Shade for shower - 4
Shade for shower - 5


PMMA, acrylic or plexiglass is a high-quality and demanded material for creating partitions in shower cabins. This material is easy to clean and looks stylish enough.

Partition of PMMA - 1
Partition of PMMA - 2


The easiest, cheapest and most unpretentiousMaterial for shower partitions. From it is very easy to assemble the shower cabin yourself. However, the use of plastic can make your bathroom uncomfortable, because because of its cheapness it is often used in hospitals and inexpensive camp sites.

Plastic partition - 1
Plastic partition - 2

Strained glass

Unlike ordinary glass, tempered - veryIt is almost impossible to break it. This is extremely important for the shower, where there is a great risk of slipping and falling. Tempered glass looks very stylish and gives a special lightness and charm to any room. But on the glass remains a calcareous deposit, so after taking a shower it is desirable to wipe dry. An alternative can be the use of frosted glass - not his divorces are almost invisible.

Glass partition - 1

Choosing a package


Choose a quality mixer that is notRusts in a couple of months and does not fall off within six months - perhaps only with the help of an experienced and decent specialist. It will help you to choose a convenient mixer for each shower enclosure design, tell you which materials are more resistant to microelements contained in water, which manufacturers make the best quality products, etc. However, some nuances should still be remembered:

  • Cranes are less likely to break than the lever
  • Separate taps slower, but more precisely adjust the water temperature
  • Cranes should have a minimum non-metallic shell, otherwise the tap with hot water can not be turned off - it will heat up
  • It is convenient, when the cranes open completely in one turn, and not with an endless torsion
Faucets for shower cabins - 1
Faucets for shower cabins - 2
Faucets for shower cabins - 3
Faucets for shower cabins - 4
Faucets for shower cabins - 5

Shower head

  1. From the frequency of the holes on the shower head depends the density of the water flow. Girls with long hair can not rinse their head of shampoo, if the water will scatter in different directions like drops of rain.
  2. The shower head can be mounted in the ceiling,Wall or wall of the enclosed shower, but in this case you will always have to wet your head while taking a shower. Refuse completely from the shower attachment is also not worth it - one hand during washing will be all the time busy. The optimum option is a hose and special fastening that will give you the opportunity to remove the watering can at any time and independently adjust the height and direction of the water jet.
  3. It is better to choose a rubber or silicone one-piece hose for a watering can, since a normal metal spiral becomes worthless in a matter of months.
Shower head in the cockpit - 1
Shower head in the cockpit - 2
Shower head in the cockpit - 3
Shower head in the cockpit - 4
Shower head in the cockpit - 5

Additional functions


In the walls of the shower cubicle nozzles are mounted, so that the effect of the whirlpool is achieved. This function will allow you to relax after a hard day's work and recharge your batteries in the morning.

Shower cubicle with hydromassage - 1
Shower cabin with hydromassage - 2
Shower cubicle with hydromassage - 3
Shower cubicle with hydromassage - 4
Shower cubicle with hydromassage - 5

Steam Generator

This device is designed to create steam in the shower. This function is also called a "Turkish bath", since the temperature of the steam is not very high.

Shower cubicle with steam generator - 1
Shower cabin with steam generator - 2
Shower cubicle with steam generator - 3
Shower cubicle with steam generator - 4
Shower cubicle with steam generator - 5

Built-in sauna

For connoisseurs of this bathOffer a wide range of built-in saunas. If the temperature of the Turkish bath is too small for you and you want more acute sensations, then it is better to choose this option. The specificity of such a shower is that, despite the presence of a shower, it is designed primarily for bathing procedures, and not for washing.

Shower cabinet with sauna - 1
Shower cabinet with sauna - 2
Shower cabinet with sauna - 3
Shower cabinet with sauna - 4
Shower cabin with sauna - 5
Built-in sauna - 1
Built-in sauna - 2
Built-in sauna - 3
Built-in sauna - 4
Built-in sauna - 5


Another useful feature for fansTo conduct spa procedures without leaving home. Aromatic oils are added to the steam generator and you enjoy not only the tactile effects, but also the aromatic ones.

Aromatherapy in the shower


Ozone has recently become a trend in medical andCosmetic procedures, however, in the shower cubicle, the most important advantage of using ozonization is its undoubted killing effect on bacteria, microbes, mold, fungi and other microorganisms. The presence of such a device is very useful for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Ozonization in the shower

Infrared radiation

On the one hand, infrared radiation warms upShower cabin, thanks to which bathing procedures are much more pleasant and more comfortable than in a usual cold booth. And with the arc - it has a beneficial effect on the body. Thanks to infrared radiation, blood circulation is stimulated and all metabolic processes in the body are improved. As a result, fats are split, slags are removed, and the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Infrared radiation

Pleasant trifles


Wash and listen to the morning news at the same time! Save time with the built-in radio!

Radio in the shower


And with the built-in TV news you can not only listen, but also watch.

TV in the shower

Video player

With such a device you can enjoy your favorite movies, videos, programs without stopping from bathing procedures.

Video player in the shower

Care Tips

To ensure that the shower cabin has served you for a long time, and its operation was pleasant and safe, you need:

  1. Regularly wash it
  2. Seal all possible water ingress points

That, in fact, that's all! Enjoy!

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