Rules arrangement bathroom

Bathroom is an important part of anyapartment. Here we give himself up before going to work, and here we can relax in the hot tub after a day of turmoil. And, of course, everyone wants to have always been nice and cozy in his bathroom. What you need to remember in the regeneration of this room?

First of all think about the color scheme. After all, it is no secret that our mood depends on the color of the surrounding space. Remember that one may act soothing colors, and another will be cheerful.

Especially good color for arrangement bathroom camp bright orange colors. According to psychologists, it was he who contributes to our health. But the brightness of the walls must be balanced with white fixtures and flooring. Accessories made of transparent plastic, are quite appropriate in the interior.

Another alternative may be a combination ofdifferent shades of ocher, terra cotta on to orange. And the adrenaline lovers can get satisfaction from the game orange, green and blue shades. The premises of this type are very appropriate plastic items bright neon coloring: soap dishes, lamps, holders and containers.

Painting on plaster - a good solution for the bathroom

Although painted on plaster and is painstakingand difficult task. For these purposes, it is best to contact the artist. It's one thing to come up with the right image and quite another to implement it on the wall. However, if you decide to perform the job, then the color palette should be limited to three colors and shades.

Marine theme can be as well as possibleby the way. However, today there are more and more new designs and techniques. One of the options - a panel in the form of a sea wave, made of waterproof plywood. Using acrylic paints, you can implement at any of your imagination. The best finish for the panel will be matt varnish, which will increase the image stability to moisture. Among other elements of the marine decor can become rocks, stars, shells or crabs. Do not forget about decorating the door: you can draw colorful fish on a blue background.

sense of proportion - an important quality for bathroom design

Bathroom can become a place of relaxation. For these purposes, you can perform a simple painting wall. Thus it is possible to revive the space of the room. Stained glass or acrylic paints are the ideal solution for coloring tiles: after drying, they are not washed away. the original image can be applied using paper stencils even without art education. Before carrying out major works you can try your hand on the replacement tile elements or cardboard.

If you use glass blocks, then the bathroom canbecome lighter, more practical and roomier. A vase of different colors and shapes with glass shelves can become a suitable decor. The same goals can serve as candlesticks and graceful figures.

Excess is not fantasy

The country house can be a shower shieldcompartment that the apartment will never build. With the help of a brick can be made the basis of the podium. A bathroom floor can be sent away massive floorboards made of wood. The low glass partition will reliably protect them from splashing. And if we use unglazed tile surface is performed under a rock, then you can create a unique interior. By using the wax composition can be supplemented with a tile. This material will provide additional water resistance.

You can play on the contrast. For arrangement bathroom You can use the gray matt stone,glazed tiles. And you can use the original and relatively inexpensive technique: negruntovanny concrete cover of white acrylic paint. Despite the simplicity, the view is spectacular and elegantnym.I remember, in the interior do not underestimate the small things: they simply do not exist. Think of the metal bath is replaced by a wooden - today is not only fashionable, but also useful. You can even use a cedar barrel, covered with pine boards. However, such a keg will cost you dearly, and it requires constant care. After all, if it is not filled with water, the wood can crack from dryness.

It is easy to see that there is now a huge variety of ways by arrangement bathroom. Pay attention to their advantages and disadvantages, it will help you to choose the interior design for the bathroom. Suppose that in this room there is always room for your imagination.

Rules arrangement bathroom
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