Repair bathroom PVC panels: how to prepare the wall

Repair bathroom PVC panels perform an order of magnitude easier than oblitsevat ceramic wall tiles. In addition, the volume of work is much lower. Let's take a closer look at the first stage - the preparation of the wall surface.

Plastic panels can be fitted with twoways: by using liquid nails or by arrangement crates. If you decide to create a crate, in which case you will not need to qualitatively prepare the base of the walls, to the same finishing material allows reliably hide utilities. The disadvantage of this method is to reduce the volume of a bathroom. Therefore, it is not the best for small spaces.

that bathroom renovation PVC panels performed using liquid nails, it is important to get straight walls. To this end, the surface requires the fulfillment of certain preparatory work.

What it is important to know about the preparation of walls

If for fixing plastic panels willused crate, then remove the old coating is sufficient. If there is need to seal the cavities of, if there bumps, they are removed only in areas fixing frame slats.

When attaching a finishing material byliquid nails surface of the walls in need of alignment. They need to be freed from the old coating and high-quality dry. In each of the cases before performing finishing wall surface is treated with special anti-fungal agent that will prevent the emergence and spread of mold.

Fitted out for the frame of PVC panels

For the manufacture of the frame in the bathroom betternot to use wood. Why? Full tightness finishing material joints will not be able to receive, in addition, under the panel can penetrate the moisture, which will have a devastating impact on a wooden construction. That is why in the bathrooms widely used plastic profiles.

If bathroom renovation PVC panels require production of crates, letconsider some recommendations for its settlement. When mounting brackets is necessary to ensure that they were located in a single plane. To increase the air exchange between the room and the space that is under the finish layer near the floor and ceiling leave small gaps of a few millimeters.

At arrangement of batten adjacent elementsset in about half a meter, if the work is carried out on the wall. Fulfilling the ceiling finish, parts with a pitch of 30-40 centimeters. frame elements fixed at right angles to the panel arrangement. In other words, in a vertical arrangement of panels you need to make a horizontal crate. Bathroom is the best option.

If you decide to place the plastic panelbathroom vertically, they are visually increase the ceiling height. It is very important for small spaces. Incidentally, such an arrangement of the surfacing material promotes better retraction of humidity as the water that falls on the joints will be easy to flow downward. If the panels are fixed in a horizontal position, the liquid will simply collect in the joints. As a result, the bathroom will always humidity. After the construction of crates should be the final phase - the installation of plastic panels. In the next article we will look at how to properly perform the work and to avoid common mistakes.

We have examined in detail how to prepare forRepair bathroom with PVC panels. The article tells you how to choose the location of the finishing material and properly equip the frame.

Repair bathroom PVC panels: how to prepare the wall
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