Photo bathroom after repair: how to choose the finishing material

Bathroom is a special room, andand therefore to the finishing materials for it are put forward higher requirements. With it, we tend to start your day: wash, direct the make-up, wash, take a shower and much more. To repair this building used materials capable of withstanding high humidity. Also photo bathroom renovated It should make a good impression. Therefore, we will look at how to choose the material for this room.

Materials for walls

Modern construction market offers a widerange of materials for the walls of the bathroom. Most of them fully satisfy increased demands for them. Through the use of modern technology and special surface treatments are used in the finishing of even a tree. Only in this case it is essential to take care of timely care. So you can prevent deformation and swelling of the wood, as well as to maintain its original appearance.

The most widely used in the decoration of the bathroomHouse received: plastering, painting, wood, glass, ceramic coating, metal, stone, and polyvinyl chloride. Each of these materials has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to consider when choosing a coating.

If you want to get amazing photo bathroom renovated, Do it with the help of ceramic finishestiles. In this case, the walls of the room will be really beautiful, this material is easy to maintain and operate. Everyone will be able to choose the tiles on their financial capabilities. Enough popular finishing materials are the PVC panels. They, too, are highly resistant to moisture and temperature changes well maintained. However, the white plastic may turn yellow, and on its back side of the mold sometimes appears.

Common methods of finishing the bathroom

One of the oldest kinds of bathroom decorationthe room is a painting of its walls. This method has been tested strict judge - time. Due to latex and water-dispersion paints, you can get a waterproof coating, which can for many years to please you. Also allow paint applied to any image walls. However, this method does not allow to hide flaws and surface defects in the wall.

Often, when finishing a bathroom is useda rock. The disadvantage of this material lies in its considerable weight. If the apartment walls are not very thick, they simply can not cope with the retention of such beauty. On the other hand, you can use a stone finish with other coatings: it will help you correct accents in the room. Especially attractive stone look with other natural materials - wood.

Furnish bathroom with the help of metalis used relatively infrequently. However, the design of the room in the style of steel insert hi-tech will be the place. When using the metal parts it is important to make sure that they have passed anti-corrosion treatment.

Glass tile in the bathroom islook attractive and original. In addition, this material is characterized by high operational performance. Through the glass you can visually enlarge the space of a small bathroom. And by covering with a holographic image to create a simulation of the water runs down the wall.

As you can see, the variety of finishing materials for the bathroom walls is striking for its diversity. Indeed, there are plenty to choose from!

Photo bathroom after repair: how to choose the finishing material
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