Paint the walls in the bathroom

The best option of finishing the walls in the bathroomthe room is tiled. But if such material is not affordable, you can choose the most economical way, namely, paint the walls. If you choose a more expensive paint, the walls will look beautiful, but the addition of caramel and give every opportunity to create any color.

But in order to achieve the greatest effect it is necessarycarefully prepare the walls, buy a quality tool, but also of course to show their creativity. As is known, a bathroom, is characterized by high humidity, so the paint should be chosen not only water resistant but with antibacterial protection, so as not to create all conditions for a comfortable breeding nasty fungus. In addition, it is best to apply paint to the walls of those parts that are not exposed to the water, but the wall near the sink and the bathroom is better to use tiles, but, or, in extreme cases, the glass panels.

What kind of paint to choose

So, for such facilities as a private bathroom,choose the following types of paint. This latex paint, which in turn is divided into silicone, acrylic, latex, and with the addition of PVA. Hlorauchukovaya, it is usually used for finishing pools, because it does not pass moisture. You can select and oil paint, but it's a long time to dry and it is inherent in a rather unpleasant odor. Therefore, it is best to opt for vodoemulsionku, but what kind to choose, try to find out.

Paint the walls in the bathroom Paint the walls in the bathroom

The biggest demand is on vodoemulsionkuacrylic-based. It is available on its cost, perfectly applied to the surface and is suitable for wet areas. After applying a latex paint film appears on the surface which protects it from moisture and dust. Paints based on PVA is a treat to the budget and finishing materials are not suitable for the bathroom, it can be used for finishing the ceilings in other rooms. The most advanced silicone material is a paint, which is not afraid of the impact of water and has a vapor-proof structure.

Thus, bathroom best vodoemulsionku based latex and acrylic.

It is also important not only to determine that theIt is applied to the wall, but also choose the color. In any specialty store Coloranting provided an apparatus that is able to create any shade, but knowing the desired proportions, the desired hue can be achieved manually.

Paint the walls in the bathroom Paint the walls in the bathroom

Many designers are advised to color the wallssmall tubs to use bright colors, which visually enhance the room. But a contrasting color can pick up for large bathrooms. It is also worth considering that the darker colors are too noticeable water drips.

Glossy or Matte

The glossy surface always looks aesthetically and with a special gloss, but this paint is better to use, if the walls are perfectly smooth surface.

Matte paint can hide defects perfectlyIt fits into any interior, but weak-stable to mechanical stress. It is also possible to select the relief ink, which forms a fine structure and thereby removes fine roughness.

Paint the walls in the bathroom Paint the walls in the bathroom

Preparing for painting

Before painting the walls, theiris required to prepare, otherwise the walls will not look aesthetically pleasing. Preliminary work with the foundation is that we need to remove old paint, the walls get rid of dust, for this they need to be cleaned with water and primed. If there are flaws, they can be water-resistant acrylic paint over putty and sanded all convexity sandpaper. For primer best to choose a latex primer with anti-bacterial coating.

To paint the walls, you can use thesetools such as brush, roller or spray. Brush increases the flow of paint, but tightly envelops the surface. With a roller may be applied over a thin layer, but they are not easy to paint small irregularities and corners. Sprayer is able to put the paint evenly and efficiently, but this tool demands the careful maintenance. Of course, if the bath is small, it is better to buy a brush and a roller, and do not spend money to buy equipment.

Basic painting nuances

Usually vodoemulsionku applied to wallstwo layers. To remove the excess paint is better to use a special tray with grooves with a roller or brush. On the border of adjacent walls that do not need to paint, it is recommended to stick masking tape. Start coloring better with tight spaces and corners, and then move on to the rest of the surface.

After complete drying of the first layer can be directlyapply a second. If you decide to make the walls are not monotonous, and with the addition of squares, lines and other shapes are also worth taking advantage of masking tape or a special stencil.

Paint the walls in the bathroom
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