Paint the walls in the bathroom (Part 3)

We have examined in detail the features of the bathroom decoration using paint, also saw how to properly prepare the walls of the room for painting. Now we are interested in Bathroom Paint. In this article we will look at the tools for the job, we'll do a cursory review of paints and see the technology of their application. But first things first.

Select tools and materials

Before beginning staining of the walls must becomplete ceiling finish. Now we need to protect it from the ceiling surface paint contamination. To do this, on the perimeter of the ceiling need to stick masking tape. Even if it gets the paint, it can not cause harm to the ceiling surface.

To achieve maximum adhesion of paint tothe surface of the walls, you must wait until it is completely dry. Only then can you start to work. The painting material can be applied with a broad brush, roller or soft electric gun.

Paint the bathroom is best to helpsoft roll, and in the processing room will help you brush angles. Pick roller easy for you to size. For the walls of a large area is better to use a tool. If after staining the wall you want to get a smooth surface, then pick up a short nap roller.

You might be interested in the question: some paint to paint the bathroom? It should be noted that paintsin a wide range. If their choice is important to take into account the specifics of the bathroom - a high level of humidity and variable temperature conditions. Therefore, the optimal composition for it will be water-based, latex or acrylic dyes. Among their advantages may be noted the high resistance to abrasion and moisture, environmental friendliness, quick drying and easy to care for.

Typically, a paint color choice no problemsoccurs. Most often they are white material, which is added to the desired color. For mixing paints can be used manual or mechanical method.

When you decide the best type and color of paint, you can purchase it with a certain margin. You can then go directly to the stained surface.

Getting stained bathroom walls

Paint the walls in the bathroom you need tothe greatest possible care and caution, especially not try to put pressure on the tool. Typically, painting the walls in the room to produce two or more layers. Thanks to the first layer, you can create a colorful background, with repeated application of the paint surface is completely painted and creates the desired color shade.

When using water-based paints do not haveneed for drying with previous layers. However, when working with them, it is important to pay attention to one thing: the last coat is performed vertical movements. Therefore, if the two layers will then be applied first in the horizontal direction, and the next - the vertical direction of the brush. If you do not follow this advice, then you will not be able to achieve a uniform distribution of ink that visually reduce the attractiveness of the surface.

If you did everything correctly, you couldqualitatively paint the walls in the bathroom. For this purpose it was necessary to properly prepare the base for painting and align it. In addition, you had to buy a suitable tool and coloring material texture and color. And finally, try not to spoil all of the previous steps correct color surface wall bathroom.

Paint the walls in the bathroom (Part 3)
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