Paint the walls in the bathroom (Part 2)

As we have said, Paint the walls in the bathroom It is very popular. If you decide to use this type of finish, important for you to become familiar with its strengths and weaknesses. We will not dwell on this issue, as in the previous article on this much discussed. Suffice it to say that the painting is a budget kind of finish that can last for a long time in the regeneration of the ventilation system. The main disadvantage of this method is the complexity of the preparatory phase. Let us consider in detail how to properly prepare the wall for painting.

We prepare the wall for painting

From the outset, it is necessary to make a detailedinspection of the wall surface for defects and damage. To eliminate them, use different solutions. The most popular are putty and plaster mixes.

To prepare the plaster, you'll needsand, cement and water. Sand-cement mixture obtained through mixing 1 part of cement and 3 parts sand. It is necessary to achieve the formation of creamy composition. To get a flat surface, you will need to putty.

Bathroom is a specific location,as it frequently operated in high humidity conditions. This point must be considered when choosing a filler. The material must be able to withstand long term high level of humidity. These requirements are fully meet the fine latex substances intended for interior decoration. Thanks to them, you can obtain a surface on which even in conditions of high humidity will occur peeling of the coating.

Proper sealing of the technology

Generally, the wall surface puttied 2layer. With the first base layer is leveled. Therefore, it is prepared by a high density and a large thickness is applied. With the help of the first layer of putty is possible to hide the level difference of the walls, as well as how to get rid of small as well as from major defects. Appointment of the second layer - finishing. He applied a little thick and designed to hide all the irregularities of the first layer.

Before applying each subsequent layerputty should wait for full drying of the previous one. It is best to wait about a day, although in warm weather and good ventilation can be applied to both layers in one day. Better Paint the walls in the bathroom It would be the case when, after drying the first layer of the surface is treated with a moisture resistant composition of the soil with deep penetration.

Remember that there is an increased in the bathroomthe likelihood of moldy fungi. To insure against this phenomenon, treat the surface soil composition antiseptic composition or paint the walls with acrylic paint, applied in thin layers. In its structure contains fungicides and algaecides, which act as anti-fungal elements.

From the preparation walls for painting depends verya lot of things. The quality of this phase will determine the life of a decorative coating. Therefore, work on the preparation of walls and their subsequent plastering and puttying should be made with the utmost attention. Only in this way you will be able to provide long life coating.

Paint the walls in the bathroom (Part 2)
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