The new idea of ​​arrangement bathroom

The apartments of the secondary housing did not differa large area. Typically, a compact kitchen, a small bathroom, a tiny toilet. Where to store unnecessary items in a given time? A washing machine? Put in the kitchen? In the bathroom? And do not turn around.

For most people, the repair of sanitaryImprovement starts when you realize that you can not continue to stand idly. And the search for ideas takes a lot of time. We will consult with friends, looking for ideas on the Internet. I would like personality, not like at all. After all - this is purely an intimate space. This is where you get the pleasure, washing away the burden of care, renewing physically and spiritually.

At the beginning of the conversation, we can say thattransform the bathroom - a process that requires considerable material and physical resources. It would be desirable to have excellent functional bathroom, which embodies the latest concepts.

To this end, we propose the following idea. First of all I think about the offer combining the bathroom and toilet, to increase the area and have a place for the installation of household appliances. First, if necessary, clear the wall from old paint or tiles. Parse the partition separating the toilet from the bathroom. Then dismantle the partition that separates the living area from the sanitary facilities. Removal of debris. At this stage, you can save by doing all this work on their own.

Then, in place of the partition that separates the future bathroom and living area, set the metal-glass. Thereby we achieve several objectives:

At first, Sealing, with a tendency to increase the humidity and the temperature difference is very important;

Secondly- Insulation, now you can sing in the shower, without interfering with the rest of the family;

Thirdly- Savings on the purchase and installation of doors, as the plastic windows to be ordered directly from the doors;

Fourthly- Long-term savings on finishing the walls, because the double-glazed window is not necessary to glue tiles or wallpaper, it is not necessary to paint the door.

This work is hardly possible to performon their own, so you should draw on the help of experts. When ordering a partition, you need to pay attention to the fact that the metal-plastic color can be different and can order the product with one hand under the floor in the hallway and color under the general ensemble in the bathroom on the other. Now about the glasses. We put double glazing. glass from the living area by doing tinted, tinted, on the other hand - mirror, or both inside and outside - mirror. It is worth recalling that the mirror is visually enhances the space.

Installation, instead of a bath, shower compactCab will win a little more space. By the way, use a shower instead of a bath makes much less water consumption, that due to the constantly rising on important communal services prices.

Unusual bathroom, equipped in a modern style - it is a subject of wonder and delight your guests, and ultimately measure the purchase price of your home.

The new idea of ​​arrangement bathroom
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