Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom with their hands

Do you want to not only make your bathroomroom hygiene and turn it into a place for rest and relaxation? I agree that this is a worthy goal. However, in order to achieve it, you need to make this room especially beautiful and pleasant to look at. One way - to set mirrored ceiling in the bathroom with their hands.

It should be noted that to date, identify several types of mirrored ceilings: mirrored tiles, whole mirror, plastic panels and ceilings.

Varieties mirror ceilings

Mirror tiles can be madeof various shapes and sizes. Thanks to them, the ceiling surface acquires original appearance. Above you can see the "cut" reflection. Fasteners is reliable and uncomplicated implementation. The suspension system of such products recalls Armstrong.

The most spectacular view mirror has a whole. On the other hand the coating and set the most difficult, and especially if the bathroom is large, in some cases impossible to perform the installation of this type of product. Moreover, the coating area increases the cost and the work material increases exponentially, so not every cover economically justified.

Installing mirror plastic panels

The easiest and safest option isplastic panels. In fact, used for the manufacture of polystyrene, which is covered with a special protective film. These panels can be tinted or mirrored, and they can fix on a regular basis or adhesive.

Implemented in this type of coating rolls oras separate panels. The main drawback of plastic panels is their easy flammability, which is why they are not recommended to install more lights 600 watts. In addition to need to use the bathroom is not a simple matter, and moisture resistant.

Fixed plastic panels is quite simple: on the back side they have an adhesive layer, which is adhered to the surface. An important condition for assembly is primed and flat surface. And smoother than it is, the higher the quality of reflection.

Stretch mirrored ceilings give an incompletereflection, which is characterized by blurred contours. It is important to bear in mind that the mirror paintings are not intended to be welded, and they are stitched. As a result of neat stitches remain visible on the ceiling.

In addition to these main types of widely used mirrored ceiling rack and mirror adhesive tape.

How to set one-piece mirror in the bathroom ceiling with his hands

Before installing a mirrored ceiling think aboutthe possible consequences. For example, how would you not fastened with glue coating to the substrate, there is always the probability of falling glass. And it may be the most deplorable consequences in the bathroom. On the other hand, you can glue the various inserts. Still, the possibility of falling is always.

Moreover, the ceiling fixed mirrorconsiderably increases the space. Not all of this comes to taste, and someone such a design can generally annoying. For quality of gluing ceiling surface must be flat. Also putty or plaster can not withstand the weight and peel off with the mirror. In addition the edges of the material must undergo special treatment and be protected from moisture.

Preparatory work

Now proceed with the installation. From the outset, it is necessary to align the surface. This can be mounted on the ceiling drywall sheets or plastered surfaces. GCR should be secured to the metal profiles in increments of about 20-30 cm, so that will be able to completely eliminate the possibility of sagging. Mounts are performed exclusively by metal anchors.

The plaster must be primed for this GCRprocedures are required. After the primer has dried, a mirror is attached to the ceiling and fastened. For these purposes, use only glue for mirrors, other adhesives can damage the amalgam mirrors. Do not use substances with ultraviolet rejection, because there will not penetrate the ultraviolet.

Mounting mirrors on the ceiling

In the next step in the mirror mustdrill holes and with plastic sleeves to fix the material to the ceiling plate. If you plan to fix the mirror to the ceiling, then use dowels designed for this purpose. You must fasten the mirror through the plaster. Thereafter, chrome caps close the cap fasteners.

Drilling mirror should be with extreme caution. This procedure is better to entrust it to producers. They will advise and the required number of holes and their locations. In order to raise the ceiling of the mirror is necessary to invite the assistants may need to install support. Run under the markup anchors and dowels should also competently. Drilling through the mirror is dangerous, especially if you are using for this purpose punch.

Mirrored ceiling simply irresistible. With its help you can give the bathroom an unusual look and fill it with light. And made with his own hands the work will allow you to save significant money.

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom with their hands
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