Materials for finishing the bathroom

Today there is a huge diversityfinishing materials for the bathroom. They are designed with features of the room in the first place, high humidity. Of course, the important factor is the aesthetic component coatings. Let's look at what materials for finishing the bathroom It offers a modern construction market.

Features agglomerate

Sinter is a modernmaterial based on the cement. With his finishing the bathroom there is a similarity with the tiles. Sinter is a thin plate with a shiny surface, executed in a variety of colors. According to qualitative characteristics superior to agglomerate tiles.

The material for finishing bathroom It has the following advantages: it is resistant to abrasion, durable, variety of different colors and plastic. At a temperature of 650 ° bends and agglomerate acquires a predetermined shape, and its installation is easy and simple. However, the material is characterized by high cost of artificial origin, the need for careful storage.

Features ceramic tile

Decorating the walls with the help of ceramic tilesIt will provide a classic bathroom. The material is distinguished visual appeal, high protection wall surfaces of the high humidity and easy to clean. With the help of ceramic tiles you can visually enlarge the space, so it is particularly relevant for small bathrooms.

Ceramic tile is represented by a widea variety of textures and colors, it is convenient to use and allows you to perform the repair. Each element can easily be replaced. So try to keep the unnecessary elements after the installation of ceramic tiles - they are sure you will need in the future.

The disadvantages of the material are longterm of its installation and the need to prepare the ground. The mechanical strength of the ceramic tiles is average, since it can be damaged.

Features of use of sheets of drywall

Not everyone knows that in finishing the bathroomYou can use drywall. To do this, a specially manufactured waterproof sheets or cementitious material. Resistant to moisture material is made of green, so it is easy to distinguish from ordinary gypsum plasterboard panels.

The benefits include drywallaffordable cost, light weight, ease of installation, the ability to regulate indoor climate, as well as excellent heat-saving and sound insulation properties.

But the main shortcomings of plasterboard: the need to establish a framework for its fastening, besides it is difficult to fix the weighty items such as towel rails. A mounting material is required to ensure a constant temperature room mode, which would be maintained for two days before finishing work and two days after. Besides decorative drywall prevents its use as a primary coating material. After installation, it will have to be painted or wallpapered.

We examined the main materials usedfor finishing the bathroom. Also here can be used PVC panels, natural marble, water-resistant wallpaper, self-adhesive film and other kinds of finishes. As you can see, the choice of finishing materials is really great. To give the necessary attention to the study of their features and characteristics, you can choose the most suitable type of coating.

Materials for finishing the bathroom
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