Materials for the repair of a bathroom

Periodically, our apartment is in need of updating. One of the most troublesome task will be renovated bathroom. This is a special room, because it can not be used all the materials. The reason - high humidity. Let's look at what Materials for the repair of a bathroom It offers a modern construction market.

Overview of finishing materials

Operating conditions vary bathroom complicated temperature control and increased moisture content, and therefore the requirements for materials used in the room higher.

As a rule, the floor and walls, which areconnected to the sewerage and water supply systems, are faced with the help of ceramic tiles. The material can be used for a conventional bathtub. If possible, give up the use of large parts. For the bathroom will be suitable warm colors and light tones. Tile adhesive can be anything, but do not rush to outright cheap. Well, if it is of high quality.

If you purchase ceramic tiles,try to do it with a 10 percent margin. It is better to have a few items than to go after them, and the tone of the tiles of different batches may vary.

How to align walls

Before finishing their walls with ceramic tilesthe surface needs to be leveled. For this purpose, cement based plasters. The solution may be formulated to, for this part of sifted sand 4 was added 1 part cement. The mixture should resemble the consistency of sour cream. To increase the ductility of the composition, add a solution of PVA glue.

The surface of the walls can be leveled by meansplasterboard lining. For the bathroom produced a special moisture-proof plate. In the field stripping and cutting edge required treatment with waterproofing mastic. For the arrangement of the frame used metal profiles, plasterboard can also be fixed to the glue.

Finishing the ceiling in the bathroom

Materials for the ceiling lining presented in a small amount. So, if you decide to paint the ceiling surface, you can use oil, acrylic paint and putty.

Materials for the repair of a bathroom They can be used for lining a ceiling. For example, polystyrene panels can be painted. When used ceilings receives additional insulation and condensation may form on its surface.

The ceiling can be oblitsevat using plastic. To this end, settling frame and screws are used to secure it. To calculate the need for plastic, remember that it is supplied in strips of 6 meters, so determine the most economic direction of their position. When implemented carefully work through cross seams ceiling surface will receive an extra aesthetic.

Another popular type of ceiling coveringsBathroom - ceilings. However, their arrangement will need the help of experts and special equipment. If your financial capabilities allow, why not take care of its arrangement?

Bathrooms used primerbio-additives, which prevent the appearance of mold. It is suitable for sealing of tile joints. In places where the floor adjacent to the walls and in the corners for sealing joints used silicone sealant. Its color is selected after the purchase of tiles. Typically, after drying grout has a lighter appearance than with a tag on the package.

Materials for the repair of a bathroom
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