Main stages of repair in the bathroom

Even at the stage of preparation in the bathroom repairsit is important to consider the basic idea of ​​the future of design. If properly set a goal, it will always inspire and achieve the desired result. Let us consider the main stages of the work.

Project development and selection of equipment

Starting renovated bathroom and toilet,necessary from the beginning to develop a design project, or at least to outline a sketch of what should be obtained as a result. Well, that on paper was moved each wall with a precise mapping of all sizes of windows, doors, furniture, etc.

The drawing must be the location of the line wiring, water and sewage pipes. Good pick up their optimum dimensions, first of all it refers to the diameter.

Main stages of repair in the bathroom Main stages of repair in the bathroom

The next step is selected plumbing and decorpremises. It is important to pre-order the delivery of tiles, sinks, bathtubs and other products. It is better that they were brought in advance than later delayed repairs.

The cost of removing and installing the equipment

Disassembly should be carried out also in a certainorder. First removed the overlap of water, sanitary equipment is disconnected and removed from the premises. It is also important not to forget to install sewer pipes stub.

If we talk about the surfaces, the firstcleaned the ceiling, then finishing materials are removed from the walls and floor. In some cases, the tiles can be installed on top of the former top of the previous material. But then the floor level will rise by 1.5 cm.

Main stages of repair in the bathroom Main stages of repair in the bathroom

Further utilities are installed. Often the sequence of work does not matter: in the beginning laid the pipeline, then run the wiring for outlets, switches, lights, etc.

Try to tap the pipe system were "drowned" in the surface of the walls. Otherwise, you need to install a box of drywall, which will help hide the wiring Communications.

When laying utilities willcompleted, you are ready to finish the room. Initially laid tile on the wall, then the ceiling mounted. Next fixtures installed in the room, the floor surface is leveled, if necessary, settling system "warm floor".

In carrying out work in the recommended sequence, you can avoid many alterations and achieve the desired result.

Main stages of repair in the bathroom
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