Laying the tiles with their hands in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen

RRepairing - it is a responsible and exciting at the same time allowing to show all their creative abilities.
Laying tiles - feasible, and even a very interesting challenge for any person who likes to do repairs in their homes independently.
There are many types of tiles intended for different purposes and premises.
Laying tiles - responsible action, requiring the person who performs it, some experience and special knowledge.

Depending on the material manufacturing tiles is:
Repair of bathroom, toilet, kitchen and anyother premises not without tiling. Type cladding and paving speed is largely dependent on the quality of base - one of the critical operations. Before you start laying tile - be sure to align the surface of the plaster. When repairs in the bathroom and the kitchen is one of the key steps is to change the tiles on the walls and on the floor.

To make laying tiles need these tools:
-neposredstvenno tile itself;
-kleyaschy solution for tiles;
-putty knife;
-rezinovaya Mallet;
-krestiki wedges or tile;
-rezak and I saw for tiles;
-Paint cord;
A very important step in preparing the walls for laying tiles in the bathroom is a primer!
It is no secret that the cost of tiling may be, and sometimes even exceed the price of the most tiles. Options for laying tile in the bathroom can be different.
During the installation of the tiles in the bathroom needs to betightly pressed against the surface of the wall, tapping occasionally. Building tiles have to be laid, since the middle of the room. The adhesive is applied to the entire back of the tile, tile installation rattles handle trowel or wooden mallet until until it becomes equal to the string level. Tiles recommended to lay out by inserting between building crosses. The gap between the tiles should not be downward2 MMI more5 mm! During operation, you should try to remove all excess glue protruding from the tiles and joints. Let the new tiles facilitates the maintenance of cleanliness and pleases you for years! Serious repairs in areas of concentration of sanitary equipment - not a quick procedure, costly and time-consuming. A well-chosen and well-tiled - and the mistress of joy, and all the comforts of home !!!

Laying the tiles with their hands in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen
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