The value for the interior plumbing in the bathroom and the bathroom

Undoubtedly, a bathroom and a bathroom - the most importantroom in the house or apartment. Occupying a relatively small part of the total living space, they are the place where each of the tenants spends considerable time, indulging in leisure or hygiene practices. In this connection, the interior of these rooms is desirable to pay serious attention to their visit was connected exclusively with positive emotions. Modern designers offer a number of models with different sizes, shapes and colors that you can choose the device under any style of interior.

For example, when taking a bath, then any storeplumbing in Moscow is available rectangular bowls, triangular, oval, round, etc. Tint bowls selected in accordance with the general interior space, the same applies to the production of material. If the bathroom is made in the classic style, there will be a great cast-iron bowl with legs. Bathroom in the style of hi-tech means acrylic bowl, and even better - a modern shower, massage jets stuffed with dozens of operating modes.

Another important element of toilets and bathrooms -mixers. By purchasing such a device should take into account that they should be not only practical and comfortable, but also to integrate harmoniously with the surroundings. In stores there are dozens of models of different designs, but choosing among them, the best option is desirable to pay attention as to their reliability in the event of failure it was easier to carry out their repairs.

Together with mixers also selectedBathroom sinks and toilets. Among them are models, all kinds of forms and materials: round and cubic, marble or artificial stone. Installation of washbasins made on pedestals, pedestals, stand or wall mount. Coupled with sinks, faucets and bath acquired the necessary elements such as water heated towel rails. Despite the fact that the material for them is mostly stainless steel, but for design features a lot of pipe, and of them you can choose the most suitable for the selected style interior.

In many urban homes typical layoutbathrooms and toilets are so small square, the best solution is to combine data rooms. If a single space does not suit owners apartment, you can even zoning, garden toilet and bathroom partitions, by which at the same time, you can hide unsightly external piping mind. Free up space in the bathroom can also use the built-in appliances (it is primarily concerned with such devices as washing machines). So, on the one hand freed space, and on the other - there are additional space for storing things needed to make hygiene and washing clothes.

The value for the interior plumbing in the bathroom and the bathroom
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