How to paint a bath yourself, how to make this work with his own hands

Sooner or later each of us regards the questionrepair work in the bathroom. The fact that this is the premise that we use with enviable regularity. In the bathroom we wash, wash, take hygienic procedures. Who of us does not like to be pampered in a perfectly white and clean the bathtub? Often, however, in a relatively short period of operation, this plumbing loses his presentable appearance. In this case, we think, how to paint the bath itself, and whether it is possible.


  • Paint baths with their own hands
    • Prepare a bath for painting
    • Application of the ink composition
  • Should I paint the bath itself?

It is no secret that such thoughts go to everyone whofaced with the problem of the loss of the bathroom aesthetics. Of course, if you have enough money, you can easily replace a bath at the shower or at the same a new bath. However, in most cases, the bath change entails a change in the whole room, often quite complex. It is unlikely that it is desirable in the event that was planned is not a large-scale overhaul, but merely cosmetic, or need only exchange bath.

Yellowed with regular operation of a bath

Yellowed bathtub: destroyed the top layer of enamel must remove

In addition, cast iron bathtubs have a longyears of service, are not affected by the ravages of durable rust eats into the enamel. That is why to throw these products because of the occurrence of yellowing simply insulting. And again we return to the question, comprising three simple words "how to paint a bath."

Paint baths with their own hands

Perhaps even a simple man in the street is clear thatconventional paints are not suitable for dyeing bath. It is also the fact that such compositions do not differ a sufficient degree of adhesion. This creates the risk that in the near future after staining paint just starts to lag behind the layers from the surface.

It is to avoid such undesirableconsequences should be used special three-coloring compositions. All components are mixed just before application to the surface of the preformed bathtub. After application of this paint dries, during which evaporates the solvent contained in the composition. This allows the paint chemically ignited.

Prepare a bath for painting

After deciding on the need to paintto commence preparatory work. Firstly, it is necessary to take measures to remove the fat from the surface of the bath and limescale. For this purpose, the alkaline detergent is used. degreasing treatment is performed after the removal of the old paint. To check the quality of the surface of the cleaning bath is necessary just to wet it. If the surface is wetted by an even layer, and the water is not going to drop and jet, it can be assumed stage degreasing passed.

Then you need to start removing the oldenamel. Delete it can be both completely and removing only the top layer. In the latter case, we obtain the roughened surface of the bath. For removal of enamel will need a special power tools with abrasive tips. It can be a grinder or conventional drill. When using these tools to remove the old enamel on a mandatory basis should protect hands, eyes and lungs from dust. Therefore it is best to prepare in advance gloves, respirator and goggles.

Removal of the old enamel layer

Removal of old enamel using power tools

In some places, it is impossible to remove the enamel layerusing a drill, then it is necessary to resort to the use of hand tools. In his role can perform sandpaper or a metal brush. Of course, the cleaning bath can be completely produced with the help of hand tools, but this requires time-consuming.

Application of the ink composition

After stripping is necessary to thoroughly wash alldust from the surface of the bath and dry it. For drying can be used by even an ordinary hair dryer. The dried surface is coated with a primer and proceed to the application of the ink composition.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that theapplication and for 5 hours after it should have shut all doors and windows. This will prevent dust on the freshly painted surface of the bath. Experts recommend increasing the time of up to 24 hours to eliminate the negative impact on the drying humidity and temperature changes.

bath Painting

For the dyeing bath is now available formulations of different colors: beige, cream, pink, green, blue and others

It is now possible to find not only the whitepaint, and blue or light green. These color preferred by most consumers. They make a bath is not only attractive, but also to successfully mask the slack contamination.

Should I paint the bath itself?

Respond to the question of whether to paintbath with your hands, definitely not. For some, this is the only solution to the problem with bath yellowing, someone just wants to save money, and someone - to experiment. However, be aware that the use of a special compositions necessary. Trying to paint the bath usual alkyd or oil-based paint will only lead to even more disastrous results.

Another important detail is the fact thatnot every old bath can be painted. Thus, if in addition to the yellowing occurs and cracks in the enamel, the coating bath will help. Short-term solution could be just the replacement of the enamel layer.

Obviously, it is impossible in the homeget so high quality and durable coating, both in the factory. That is why, starting to stain, you must prepare yourself for the fact that this process will have to be repeated a couple of years. And it is in good circumstances.

Thus, everyone has to decide, based on the capabilities and preferences, whether to paint a bath with his hands.

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