How to make a wooden floor in the bathroom: the choice of material and the device

How to make a wooden floor in the bathroom

A white bathtub on the floor elegant ... It is nota picture of life of French aristocrats of the XVIII century, is a stylish interior of the XXI century of high technology and creative design ideas. Skeptics will say that is nonsense: it has ceramic tile, granite, marble, finally. Only the wooden floor in the bathroom makes it special "confidential" atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Wood - "living" natural material, it is pleasant to feel under barefoot than the cold tile. Tree on the bathroom floor is combined with different styles of interior design, but it is especially in harmony in a wooden house.


  • Wood flooring in the bathroom
    • Teak, natural properties
    • Why fit larch
    • Pros and appointment thermowood
    • Moisture resistant laminate as an alternative
  • Required waterproofing and ventilation
  • Making the wooden floor in the bathroom

Wood flooring in the bathroom

Wood is a natural material, can not respond to frequent changes in temperature and humidity troublesome processes such as:

  • Rotting;
  • The defeat of the fungal and mold organisms;
  • Change the line size, swelling, swelling under the influence of moisture.

At the same time wood has long served as a majormaterial for the manufacture of fishing boats and sailboats medieval, it is widely represented in modern shipbuilding, coping well with the aggressive water element. As a floor covering for the bathroom are not suitable for all wood species, but only a few of its species, the best properties are tested by centuries-old experience of mankind.

Teak, natural properties

This is an ideal natural material for the floor inbathroom, precisely because it lay on the deck of cruise ships and yachts. Teak wood has a very high content of essential oils and resins, it is waterproof and does not react to changes in humidity, but most importantly - Teak does not rot!

From what wood can do the floors in the bathroom

Teak - ideal for floors in the bathroom, it does not rot, it does not affect the fungus, mold and insects

With proper sealing seams at the junction of teak planks flooring in the bathroom will be as waterproof as the ship's deck.

Why fit larch

Endowed with all the best properties of teak andgreat "friends" with water. Due to affordable price Larch rightly claims to be the favorite as a floor covering domestic bathrooms.

Pros and appointment thermowood

Recently it appeared on the domestic marketmaterials and expanded the "circle of the elect" of reconstituted wood. This treated wood with hot steam at t = 220-240 ° C under pressure, without oxygen.

The result is a robust solid material,resistant to rotting and fungal defeat of mold and bacteria. Dehumidification thermowood 5 times lower than with normal untreated wood, and the change in linear dimensions and degree of swelling lower than tenfold.

Moisture resistant laminate as an alternative

A worthy alternative to natural woodarrangement of the floor in the bathroom. This material, whose surface imitates usually precious wood, is widely used in shipbuilding. When buying, so as not to be confused with a high quality waterproof laminate analogue higher strength class, should pay attention to the marking "for rooms with high humidity."

Required waterproofing and ventilation

For devices of the wooden floor in the bathroom is notrequired screed of sand and cement, it is placed on a layer of waterproofing, laid on top of any base. In a wooden house - it's all on the draft floor joists, which is hidden pipe system. For waterproofing the wooden floor You can use an ordinary roofing felt orspecial gluing the insulation, which is applied on top of several layers of material and moisture with a special tool treat their high temperature, fusing together the base and layers.

Waterproofing and ventilation - the most important aspects of the arrangement of the wooden floor in the bathroom

For waterproofing the wooden floor suitable conventional roofing material or a special gluing moisture insulation

The second prerequisite forthe durability of the wood floor is to provide effective ventilation in the bathroom, which will bring the room steam quickly dry the floor and walls. Performance handling unit is selected according to the area and intensity of use of the bathroom.

Finally, to avoid putting unnecessaryloads waterproofing necessarily need a ladder for easy water removal in the case of "flood". To this end, make the floor with a slight slope of about 1.5% and the lowest point at the center or in a corner, set the trap with check valves that quickly displays which fell to the ground water in the sewer system.

Making the wooden floor in the bathroom

Boards designed for a floor in the bathroom,suppose this flooring to acclimatize for at least a week to be stored in a warm room, to ensure the stability of their linear dimensions and to eliminate possible deformation of the finished floor.

If the floor is not placed in the new house, dismantle and take out all the plumbing bathroom: bath, sink, toilet.

In the pre-prepared subfloor,under which we have laid the necessary plumbing and electrical communications, laid waterproofing and mark out holes for the point O communications. Openings for easy adjusting boards do a little larger than the diameter of pipes, as floor boards must not come into contact with them. At the time of the pipe is closed with special plugs.

We are making the wooden floor in the bathroom. Step-by-step instruction

In the pre-prepared subfloor mark out holes for the output communication ports

Cut out of the board and put them fromdoorway, so far without adhesive. Stage pre-fitting of boards required. When laying on the glue time to trim will remain: the composition dries too quickly. Most long boards without any visible defects are placed in areas where the inhabitants will go home the most and where they are in plain sight. Trim and boards with small flaws in handy when laying under the sink, near the toilet and in other inconspicuous places.

Finished with the layout and open the boards, proceedTo their laying on the glue. The wrong side of each board is covered with a layer of acrylic lacquer, and a layer of adhesive is applied to the base of the floor with a comb spatula.

Each subsequent row of boards are laid only after the previous dries well

Each subsequent row of boards are laid only after the previous dries well

When installing the boards are pegs,provides the necessary expansion joint, which will prevent the wooden floor from the deformation during use in wet environments. Each next row is laid only after the previous dries well, finishing off each board from the end for a better operation of the locks.

Having laid all the boards, all openings, corners and placesjoints with walls filled with silicone sealant composition. It is also possible for this purpose to use special putty sticks of wax, which provide a flexible joint without moving the board.

Having laid all the boards, all openings, corners and the joints with the walls filled with silicone sealant composition

Having laid all the boards, all openings, corners and the joints with the walls filled with silicone sealant composition

At the end of the finished floor grind grindermachine and a stiff brush applied several layers of acrylic lacquer. This robust water-resistant coating, which in the case of damage or wear easily restored only on the damaged site. That is, the complete renovation of the floor is required.

We are making the wooden floor in the bathroom. Step-by-step instruction

Ready floor sanded and applied to him stiff brush several layers of acrylic lacquer

At first glance, non-standard creative ideaIt was easily solved problem. Nice appearance and to the touch, perfectly smooth wooden spectacular floor in your bathroom now easily transfer changes in temperature and high humidity. Of course, provided competently performed waterproofing.

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