How to clean and how to clean the tile in the bathroom: a chemical means and methods of folk

How to clean and how to clean the tiles in the bathroom

The snow-white bath, shiny, highly polished,cranes, shining tiles, affecting beauty - think it is a picture of a fashion magazine? Not at all. Nothing is impossible - the owner of a fabulous bathroom could be anyone! Of course, looking at the faded and yellowed enamel wall is hard to believe, but if you seek patience, backed by the relevant knowledge, the "revive" the glossy perfection is not difficult. So, how to care for tiles, to the abode of purity and freshness struck radiance?


  • You can not stand on ceremony with tiles?
  • Traditional and innovative methods
  • The washed tiles in the bathroom better
    • A very important thing
    • Down with the cleaners!
  • A few more tips

You can not stand on ceremony with tiles?

Some mistakenly believe that durabletiles can endure any experiments. This is not true. Indeed, the decorative material is durable and resistant to all sorts of influences, but this does not exclude the necessity of careful attitude toward it.
For example, a tile with a glossy surface is nottolerate the use of abrasives and wire brushes. Perhaps after cleaning scratches you will not notice, but the gloss will be far from the original. Also, do not abuse the funds on the basis of the acid, which can damage unprotected seams.

It is important!
Good resistance to chemical attack have seams, covered epoxy paints.

To tile pleasing brightness for a long time, you must only use specialized tools, application solutions for the care, for example, plate or plumbing is unacceptable.

For the tiles need to look carefully

For the tiles need to look carefully

The modern market of the question than to clean tiles in the bathroom offers a variety of responses, however, powders,including sand or pumice, as well as soaps and fat, should be avoided. should act on the dirt brush with soft bristles that gently remove plaque and stains without damaging the coating.
Matt tiles should be washed emulsions for this purpose, then no harm will apply paste wax, emphasizes colors.

Traditional and innovative methods

Shortage of household products nowno. Any household goods shop offers a lot of options for this harvest. Here you and powders for cleaning baths and gels for washing the floor, and emulsions for the tiles. Reflecting on the pressing issue than wash the tiles in the bathroom and looking at the numerous jars, placed on the counter, inadvertently begs the question - is it effective fangled achieve the chemical industry, so actively advertised?

Detract from the merits of innovation no onewill. These means are good. Deodorant and bioenzimy components that make up, eliminate odor and mineral deposits. Disinfectants help fight germs and flavors will fill the house the smell of lilacs and fresh lemon balm.

Modern vehicles have many advantages

Modern vehicles have many advantages

It is important to understand that a universal remedy forjust does not happen, so carefully read the inscription on the label. So, if you wash your tile bath products, which may contain chalk, washable enamel surface with no problems, can remain divorces, remove that would be difficult.

However, the time-tested, "granny" methods do not lose their relevance, because it does not require extra costs, and on their effectiveness is still no equal.

The washed tiles in the bathroom better

Fresh coating can be washed with a conventional gelfor dish washing. Add it to the water, a sponge, apply the resulting soap solution on the tile. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then treat the surface with clean water.

It is important!
Wipe the tile is better with a towel or cloth and microfiber.

If the tile is very dirty, it must be moreeffective weapon - soda. Moisten the surface, apply a little baking soda on a sponge and gently wipe the tile. Try not to rub too hard - can be scratched.

Making snow-white tile original appearanceIt will bleach. Dilute it with water, spray the spray coating, 5 minutes, wipe the tiles with a damp cloth. Perhaps the pungent smell will like not everyone, but you can forget about mold and bacteria.

One of the most effective helpers whoremove persistent dirt is vinegar. Using a spray bottle, apply vinegar essence on the tiles, spread it with a brush on the surface, wait a few minutes and rinse.

It is important!
Dilute the vinegar should be as follows: 3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.

By the way, the vinegar - a worthy alternative to bleach, more forgiving for tiles and for your skin.

Those who can not stand the smell of acetic, it may be advisable to clean the tiles with citric acid. Dip a sponge into the crystals, treat problem areas, rinse.

A very important thing

Experienced hostess know: wash tiles - half the battle, the main thing - after treatment wipe the tiles dry. This is a very important point, many lose sight of, and it is in vain.

The fabric should absorb moisture, leaving no trace. Ideal in this case, mohair (the only one that is not showered), microfiber or bamboo towels, leaves no streaks or residue.

Down with the cleaners!

You know that it is possible to wash tiles, not puttingconsiderable effort and without the use of chemicals? Do not believe me? Then get acquainted - melamine sponge himself. The secret of this wonderful invention in the material - melamine foam, penetrating into the pores of any hard surface, removes dirt, stains and plaque without using familiar tools.

Melamine sponge anything except water for cleaning does not require

Melamine sponge anything except water for cleaning does not require

The interesting thing is that the less you try, theeffectively it works. Now clean up even the most complex, chronic patches is a matter of a few minutes. Sponge on the shoulder not only the tiles: plumbing, bathtub, mirror - all will shine like new.

A few more tips

  • work should be carried out in rubber gloves, regardless of the chosen method of purity guidance;
  • for the regular care of a tile will fit solution for cleaning windows and mirrors;
The work should be carried out in gloves

The work should be carried out in gloves

  • tiles begin to wash the bottom and wipe - top;
  • whiten your joints can be hydrogen peroxide, which is not necessary to wash off;
  • polished tiles after cleaning process mastic, glossy - vinegar.

Quickly, without the threat of arms and easy to clean the tile in the bathroom can help the vacuum cleaner with a steam generator or compact household steam.

Now you know how to wash the tiles in the bathroom and turn a picture from a magazine in the reality that it is impossible to look away. Reality is full of purity and radiance.

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