How to calculate how many tiles you need for the bathroom: repair sparingly

How to calculate how many tiles you need for the bathroom

When buying tiles for the bathroom is not only importantselect vending size and color, but also to calculate the required amount of properly. An error in the calculation of the purchase may cause an insufficient number of material losses of nerves and time to search for additional, and sometimes vice versa - overpayment for the surplus. Unpleasant situation can happen if the sale would not exactly the tiles, and then have to come up with something to fill the empty seats or other scraps of shade material, and it is - you see, will ruin the whole performance. It is particularly important to eliminate errors in the case of the bathroom facing expensive imported tiles, as well as additional items and accessories - cornices, decorative borders, inlays. In this article we will explain how to calculate how many tiles you need for the bathroom.


  • Landmarks tiles calculations
    • The list of components tile collection
    • Calculation of floor tiles
    • The calculation of the tiles for walls

Landmarks tiles calculations

First consider what a collection of tileswe will have in the room: on the floor - single-colored ceramic tiles on the bottom side of the wall will be several rows of dark tiles, and then a series of curbs, trimmed top and bottom decorative pencil. Above - light tiles to the ceiling with built-in fittings. How to calculate the number of tiles? In fact, it is not difficult, just need to make the correct measurement of the room and apply some mathematical calculations. There are various options for calculations, but here we consider the most simple way by the example given specific parameters.

The calculation of the tiles for the bathroom

In a prominent position placed only whole, uncut tile

The list of components tile collection

To make a calculation of the tiles for the bathroom, you need to make a list of accessories collection:

  • floor tiles (31h31sm);
  • Tiles Wall dark (25h30sm);
  • tile wall light (25h30sm);
  • horizontal border (6h25sm);
  • Decor (25h30sm);
  • Pencil (2h25sm).

For example, take the bathroom h1,9m sizes 1.8m and a height of 2.7 meters.

The doorway is 0.7m h1,95m. Calculation is carried out to smooth walls, without taking into account the possible niches and ledges. For clarity and ease of calculation it is useful to draw a plan of the room, marking the dimensions of the walls, doorways and other planes of interest that need to be calculated.

Calculation of floor tiles

The easiest way you can calculate the total floor space of 1.8 m = 3.42 m2 h1,9m and divided by the area of ​​one tile (0,31m h0,31m = 0,0961m2). Get 36 pieces.

Floor tiles in the bathroom

The original version of the floor tiles in the bathroom

But the more precise calculation of the tiles is considered. Divide the width of the floor on the size of the bathroom floor tile:

1,8: 0,31m = 5.8, do round up to a whole or half. Get 6 tiles horizontally.

Divide the length of the floor on the size of the bathroom floor tile:

1.9M: 0,31m = 6.12. Vertical bars have 6.5.

Total floor tiles equal to 6 x 39 = 6,5sht pieces.

As a result, we see that the calculation of the tilescharacterized by calculating the area. The difference in the three tiles compared to the first calculation is obtained because, as a rule, the dimensions of the floor or walls are not multiples of tile sizes, so it is necessary to cut. Furthermore, it must be cut and places protrusions, recesses, tubes, etc. Write the first result - 39 floor tiles.

The calculation of the tiles for walls

So, we have already gained experience in the correct calculationon the tile floor, so we know how to calculate how much you need to wall tiles. All components (tiles, decoration, border, pencil) have the same width - 25 cm width of the wall Divide the width of the tile.:

1.8 m: 0.25 m = 7.5 7,2sht pieces?

and the length to the width of the wall tiles:

1.9 m: 0.25 m = 7.6 8 pieces?.

Total perimeter obtain 7,5sht x 2 + x 2 = 8 pcs 31 pcs.

Now you need to subtract from the total number of tiles in the doorway:

0.7 m: 0.25 m = 2.8 units 2.5 units (do rounding down to have a better margin than lack of?.

Subtract the total number: 31sht - 2,5sht = 28.5 units.

Then everything is simple. Some border around the perimeter is 29 pieces. Since the pencil is placed on both sides of the border (above and below), the required number of the element - 58 pieces.

Laying the tiles with decorative borders and pencils

Laying the tiles with decorative borders and pencils

Dark tiles laid in three rows - willheight 90 cm. The height of the bath is 60 centimeters, so that it will be held on 1 row of dark tiles. Multiply the number 3 on 28,5sht (number of tiles in a row on the perimeter). Get 86 pieces.

Bright tile will vykleena above the curb with a pencil and up to the ceiling. Out of the total room height (2.7m) subtract the height of the dark tiles (90 cm) and a border with a pencil (6cm + 2cm + 2cm = 10cm)

2.7m - 0.9m -0,1m = 1,7 m (height lining with light tiles).

Divide the height of 1.7 m on one tile:

1.7 m: 0.3 m = 5.67 5.5 pc?.

In this case, rounded down, as when installing a suspended ceiling beautiful can save a certain number of tiles.

The calculation of the tiles in the bathroom

Decor in the bathroom can be glued at its discretion

Now multiply by 5.5 units in height on the perimeter 28,5shtuk:

5,5sht 28,5sht x = 156.75? 157 pieces.

Go back to the area of ​​the wall above the door, which also need oblitsevat. How to calculate the tiles in this area? Here, the number of tiles in a width of:

0.7 m: 0.25 m = 2.8 3pc (rounded to a whole number)?.

At the height of the get-2,7m 1,95m = 0,75m.

0.75 m: 0.3 m = 2.5 units.

Multiply 3 pieces in width by 2.5 units in height, we get 7.5 (rounded) = 8 tiles.

The total amount of light tiles is: 157sht + 8pcs = 165 pieces.

Decor vykleivaem at its discretion and taste: 1 or 2 for each wall in a staggered manner or another. The tiles, which will be replaced by the decor (if, of course, is not very much), let them remain on the safe side left (to replace damaged tiles during the operation).

Now you have an idea howcalculate the tile for the bathroom. Carefully made calculations will prevent a situation where when laying the tiles it may not be enough, as well as get rid of extra expense.

So, it's time to learn how to lay tiles with his own hands, and to start repair.

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