How to paint a bathroom

Lately it has become more and morethe attention paid to design bathrooms. Apartment owners are willing to have always been a pleasure to be in these areas. Starting the day with a visit to the bathroom, you can recharge your most positive emotions. And taking a bath after a hard day, you can really relax. Let's consider, than to paint the bathroom.

cleanliness of the room is a special place in the house or apartment. From it is expected the following:

Clean rooms;
Even with an increase in humidity of mold protection;
The ability to relax;
Resistance to humidity.

Therefore, when choosing colors for the room it is important totake into account the specifics of the room. When choosing paint, try to create the design of the room, which would allow you to feel comfortable in it and cozy.

What it is important to consider when choosing paint for the bathroom

There are no clear rules: someone like the old proven techniques, while others tend to use modern materials and technologies. Whatever it was, in the selection of paint it is important to take into account the specifics of the room Anna, ie its high moisture content.

The following figure, which is important to bear in mind -porosity of the surface. Each material has its own characteristics. Thus, plastic has minimal porosity in paper and wood surfaces and these characteristics are quite high. A feature of concrete foundations is their hygroscopic, in other words, the walls absorb moisture from the material, which is in the bathroom is almost always.

When painting the room it is important to wait for the drying of water vapor. Otherwise, their accumulation by applying the paint layers can lead to flaking and cracking.

Getting to the choice of paint

If the composition of the paint, there are fungicides, while on the surface of the bathroom walls will not appear mold. If you are looking for, than to paint a bathroomPay attention to water-based formulations. Before its application the surface of the walls must be thoroughly dried. The compositions are distinguished by deep penetration into the material, even when dry, and excessive moisture, they do not exfoliate.

In cases where the use of water-emulsionpaint is not possible, then you can use any waterproof paint for the bathroom. Modern paints and varnishes market offers a huge range of them, so you will not have difficulties with their choice.

To achieve high adhesion materialthe wall surface must qualitatively dry basis, and then treat it primer deep penetration. Special primers with water-repellent effect is best applied in several layers. This will allow to achieve high quality staining.

What else should pay attention

Well, if you chose the paint hasbacteriological resistance. Due to the high humidity space its walls are covered with bacteria or fungus moldy. These microorganisms penetrate so deeply into the paint, even special cleaning agent can not always cope with them. Paints with bacterial protection will avoid such infections.

Some modern types of paintprepared in specialized shops tinting method, when the base color dye is added in the proportions necessary to obtain the desired color. This method allows you to get thousands of shades.

We have considered, than to paint a bathroom. Approaching the paint choice with all the responsibility, you can get aesthetic coating that will last you for years to come.

How to paint a bathroom
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